Avoid Entertainment Disasters, Part 2: Top DJ Fears, Revealed by Brides

Highly informative and VENDOR NEUTRAL notes from the expert breakout seminars given by Anna-Jeannine “DJ AJ9” Herman at the Akron January Today’s Bride Show. The Tips and Tricks on How to Get the Most Out of Your DJ series covers:

  • How to hire your DJ Company
  • What to look for in a Professional DJ Company
  • Questions to ask during an interview
  • How to communicate effectively with your DJ
  • Steps you, yourself, can take to ensure that your event runs smoothly and your dance floor is energetic!

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Getting down at the Lake Club! Photo by Jaci Clark Photography

We’ve all heard the terror stories about bad wedding DJs, and some of us have even been unfortunate enough to experience one. If you have ever been to an event with a bad DJ, then you know that your DJ can make or break your event, determining sole-handedly whether your dance floor lives or dies, as well as whether you leave your party feeling tired from all the fun and walking on air or feeling angry and embarrassed about what you just endured.

The fears vary from couple to couple, but they very often involve one of the following:

Line dance overload
The Chicken Dance, The Hokey Pokey, The Limbo, The Electric Slide, The Cha Cha Slide, The Cupid Shuffle, The Cleveland Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, The Wobble, Teach Me How to Dougie, etc., etc., etc… Maybe a few were ok, but I need to know that these won’t be all that’s playing all night!

Bad fashion choices
From tuxedo tees to Hawaiian shirts, jeans, sequined vests in various colors, sometimes with matching bow tie, Wedding DJs have a reputation for bad fashion. I need to know that my DJ will dress appropriately for my event!

Stealing the spotlight
Dancing on speakers, talking between every song, or just generally making a spectacle of themself. Whether I’m looking for an elegant affair or a more rowdy party, I need to know that my DJ will keep the focus on my family and my special celebration instead of on themself.

Inflatable ________
Inflatable guitars, Inflatable saxophones, inflatable hats… This isn’t a kid’s birthday party, so do I really need all that hot air?

Drunken debauchery
Maybe I don’t mind if my DJ enjoys an adult beverage in moderation at my event, but there’s a certain expectation most share for a professional entertainer, and it involves them being on their “A-game” for the entire time they are contracted to perform. I need to have a sober DJ!

Romantic advances towards guests
My bridesmaids are all done up and looking their best in beautiful gowns and my groomsmen look very debonaire in their tuxedos. Of course there’s not an elegible bachelor in the room who isn’t hoping for a dance or two with one of these lovely ladies, but shouldn’t my DJ be more focused on keeping the dance floor going than making a love connection? I need to know that my DJ can focus on their job, even if there are attractive people of the opposite sex around.

Equipment failure
What good is a DJ without functioning sound equipment? I need to know that the equipment my DJ has is professional-grade, in good condition, and well-maintained and that there’s some kind of back-up plan for unexpected situations.

Failure to show up, at all
What will I do if my DJ is a “no-show?” I need to know that my DJ Company has a plan for dealing with unexpected absences caused by sickness, transportation issues, family problems, or other situations that might prevent my DJ from attending my event.

Playing “bad” music
Music that’s the wrong style, profane, or offensive will really kill the mood of my party, AND I don’t want to offend Grandma. Even though I want the DJ to have some latitude to do their job and make music choices to keep the dance floor going, and I don’t want to have to pick every song, I need to know that my DJ and I are on the “same page” about what music will be played.

The bad news: most of these horror stories are documented by photos and videos all over the internet, and from my own experience, I’m sure that they are absolutely true.

The good news: the vast majority of these disasters are absolutely avoidable with the right preparation.

Stay tuned for the next installment in this series as we begin to offer tips and tricks to help you avoid problems like these as you interview, hire, and plan a fantastic evening with your DJ!

About DJ AJ9: Anna-Jeannine “DJ AJ9” Herman is not only one of the owners of Something New Entertainment Bridal DJ Service, but a DJ and a recent bride, as well. Since the time that Anna-Jeannine has served as the Talent Manager and Creative Director for Something New Entertainment, she has taken on every possible effort to re-build the company from the inside out with a bride’s perspective in mind.

Considering her own problems hiring, planning, communicating, and coordinating during the planning of her own wedding, she has made revolutionary moves to streamline the entire process into something less stressful clients, enabling clients more energy to focus on their own music personalization goals, putting their stamp on their reception music to really reflect their personalities, and offering the availability of more complete training for the Something New Entertainment DJ force — not just how all those little knobs and buttons work, but the compassion of a customer-service-based outlook, tasteful public speaking best practices, music history, electrical and sound engineering and design, and lighting design — so that they can more fully serve the needs of our clients.

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