Breaking News: Something New MC’s Handsome 5K Photos “Wildly Irritating” to SNE Team


On Saturday, August 9, 2014, Something New Master of Ceremonies Justin Herman bamboozled several members of the Something New Entertainment family into a 5K/obstacle course under the guise of pursuing healthy living.



What total suckers we all were to fall for this!

said Something New Master of Ceremonies Anna-Jeannine “DJ AJ9” Herman

I could’ve slept in or even gone to brunch at Burntwood Tavern!  Hello, beautiful Bloody Mary bar!

she later lamented.  Just look at this (see photo at right).





All joking aside — as performers, we know that our physical fitness and endurance plays an important role in our professional work — whether it’s keeping the strength to carry heavy speakers, the breath support to deliver a heart warming Love Story with good diction and poise, or the endurance to lead a group dance into the wee hours of the morning, we take the care of our bodies seriously.

Our emphasis has always been on strength, flexibility, and endurance, rather than simple weight loss, but — well — obviously some of us have really benefitted in the attractiveness department, as well.

Ok — but back to the joking: while this event clearly met the marker for good health maintenance… it was little more than a thinly-veiled photo op for DJ Justin — who managed to look fantastic the entire time.

What the heck even IS this (see photo at left)?




Over the route of the 3.1 mile obstacle course, Something New Master of Ceremonies DJ AJ9, Something New Field Correspondent Laura, and Something New Intern Rachael endured barbed wire, fire, rope burns, several thousand gallons of ice mud and more (not to mention the blazing sun on a heat advisory day), as well as DJ Justin’s unquenchable enthusiasm.

Here are a few photos of our very own muddy team of Something New Warriors in action:


7310481_race_0.5178599520102719.original 7310493_race_0.2386944880013997.original 7310500_race_0.8084035245550167.original

7452816_race_0.7403104409787048.original 7427297_race_0.2682427421684741.original


In exchange for their efforts, they received a tee shirt, medal, hat, and a collection of photos — mostly of DJ Justin looking handsome, despite being covered in mud.

Disgusting, isn’t it?  Seriously — the nerve of this guy!!!

7437124_race_0.12420270654913224.original 7437139_race_0.8569915310575782.original



CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Something New Warriors!  😉

Looking to get involved in a FUN fitness event, yourself?

Check out Torchbearers Akron’s AkRun and Crawl!  5K+Bar Crawl. >>>


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