Dear DJ AJ9


So You Want To Be An Ohio-Licensed Minister?

Several Something New Entertainment cast and crew members are Ohio-Licensed Ministers who perform wedding ceremonies for a handful of our clients, each year.  We can also recommend several great ministers, around the area, who specialize in other types...
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What’s the WED® Credential All About?

The Wedding Entertainment Director® or WED® title is a designation associated with the only peer-reviewed application process in our industry.  That process often spans several months or even years, due to the high-standards assessment, detailed...
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Dear DJ AJ9: How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost? (And Other Musings)

This question comes in many forms: How much is a Wedding DJ?  Can you send pricing for a DJ for four hours?  What’s the cost of your 5 hour package for a DJ?  And — of course: Do you know of another company that does exactly what you do…...
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Dear DJ AJ9: Why Can’t Wedding Planners and “DJs” Get Along?

In just the past 24 hours, I have heard from three different sources that “DJs” and “Wedding Planners” can’t get along. None of these people know each other, and they live hundreds of miles apart. It makes me sad, every time...
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Dear DJ AJ9: How Can I Spot a Fake?

  Last week, a bride asked me for advice on hiring a photographer.  In reply, I gave her a few names of local pros who said they were available on her date, as well as a little advice about how to spot a “fauxtographer” — someone...
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Dear DJ AJ9: Should I Have an Unplugged Wedding? (Part 1)

  The advent of digital photography has certainly made cameras cheaper, higher quality, easier-to-use, and just plan more available than they once were.  Even just 10 years ago, we would never have expected most (or all) of the guests at a wedding...
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Dear DJ AJ9: The Knot Told Me To Change My Timeline

A personal note from DJ AJ9 follows: Dear Readers, Good morning!  As I write this, it’s about 9:30 AM.  This morning, The Knot posted yet another article about timelines, and by the time I write this, I am engaged in active conversations with...
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Dear DJ AJ9: How Can I Get the MOST Out of My Wedding Pros?

. It’s easy to feel, as your day draws near (and then, poof!, is here!) that a mountain of moments are at stake. Given how much time the team at Something New Entertainment — especially your Master of Ceremonies and DJ — spend to ensure...
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Ideas We Love: DIY Bathroom Courtesy Baskets

  If you read our recent blog about ensuring guest comfort, you may have wondered — “where are the bathroom baskets?”  Well — here they are!  Bathroom courtesy baskets are SO important, SO popular, and SO style-able that...
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Dear DJ AJ9: How Do You Design a Lighted Monogram?

Ever wonder how a Something New Entertainment lighted monogram design goes from dream to reality?  Read ON for a glimpse into our design process! Your designer will ask you a series of questions about the existing design elements that you’ve already...
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