Ideas We Love: DIY Bathroom Courtesy Baskets

Bathroom Courtesy Basket by Heidzillas.

Bathroom Courtesy Basket by Heidzillas.


If you read our recent blog about ensuring guest comfort, you may have wondered — “where are the bathroom baskets?”  Well — here they are!  Bathroom courtesy baskets are SO important, SO popular, and SO style-able that they deserve their very own article!

Chances are, you yourself have arrived at a wedding or party having forgotten something or somehow otherwise unprepared for the evening — wouldn’t it be nice to spare your guests that feeling?

Whether it’s a little makeup remover to help hide their ceremony tears, mints or gum to provide temporary relief from the fear of bad breath, body spray or deodorant to help keep them fresh after hours of dancing, or pain reliever and antacid to help with minor discomfort, supplying guests with thoughtful amenities is a wonderful way to go the extra mile to show them how much you care AND contribute to the longevity of your party.


Bathroom Courtesy Basket by Heidzillas.

Bathroom Courtesy Basket by Heidzillas.

To get the skinny on making the BEST courtesy baskets, we asked Planner/Coordinator Heidi Baumgart of Heidzillas Wedding Planning to weigh in on budgets, contents, and presentation.  Here’s what she had to say:


DJ AJ9: Let’s talk budget. How much should I plan to invest?

Heidzillas’ Heidi Baumgart: I usually spend close to $50 on WELL stocked ones a la Marc’s or Walmart or Target’s travel-sized items.


DJ AJ9: What about the contents: What are some must-have items inside the baskets ?

Heidi: Check out my list!


Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.17.52 PM

Heidzillas Wedding Planning Bathroom Basket Content Ideas


DJ AJ9: In terms of presentation, how can I make them cute or themed for my event? 

Heidi: Put it in a shallow container everyone can see into. Make sure it fits in the bathroom its going into (often times there’s not a lot of room). If there isn’t room provide a tray table or something like that with a lil table cloth or fabric over it. It’s nice when you’re thoughtful of specific brands or items your parents, bridal party or you’re known to use such as my BFF is the QUEEN of Aquanet so you know we had to have a can of Aquanet at hers not some other hairspray 🙂

Bathroom Courtesy Basket by Heidzillas.

Bathroom Courtesy Basket by Heidzillas.

Special Note: Heidi also says “Be sure to have a note that it’s compliments of the bride and groom.”  It would be a shame, if all your hard work and thoughtfulness was attributed to the venue’s cleaning staff!  Or — worse — guests felt guilty using stuff from “the venue.”  Let them know that basket is ALL for them and left by you, personally!

Read more on Heidi’s blog!

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