Dear DJ AJ9: What the Heck is Pinspotting?

As you likely know, Something New Entertainment offers more than just Disc Jockey service for your Northeast Ohio wedding or special event, including a variety of event lighting design and lightscaping options in addition to DJ and MC services, and perhaps one of our most popularly-inquired-about lighting design services among Akron, Canton, and Cleveland area wedding planners and florists may also be our most-inquired-about service among brides and grooms for the exact opposite reason: pinspotting!

After several recent inquiries that are easily summarized as “what the heck is pinspotting?” I thought I’d clear the air in an easily-searchable fashion!  I hope this “Dear DJ AJ9” post helps answer all your questions about pinspotting!

So — what exactly is pinspotting, and how can you use it at your event?  Again — as you likely know — I’m a very visual person, and I’m a firm believer that a picture is worth a thousand words, minimum!  So — without further ado, here’s a great photo to answer your question.

Photo by Mark Malliet

This photo is a great before and after illustration of the power of pinspotting.  Click to enlarge!  Whether you’re using natural, dim, or colored uplighting (which helps dramatically with overall ambiance of your event), pinspotting can help to call focus to important areas or objects — some examples include your head table, your centerpieces, or your cake — as shown in these images.

Literally — a “pin spot” is a very narrow spotlight used to highlight elements of your decor to ensure that they don’t get lost in the landscape of your event, particularly if the lighting is dim.  With so many carefully-chosen pieces of beautiful decor, it’s a lovely touch to draw your guests attention to the most important in the room, rather than letting them go lost in the mix, especially for photos.

As you can see in the photo on the left, above, the cake is all but hidden in the landscape of the room.  Check out this detail of the photo, below, and imagine how the photo of the cake cutting will look.

Photo by Mark Malliet.

However, a little pinspotting, and voila!  See below!

Photo by Mark Malliet.

Pinspotting is a spectacular addition to the lightscape of your event to add drama, emphasis, and visibility for your cake, centerpieces, or head table.  If you have additional questions about lighting design, please feel free to contact DJ AJ9 by phone at 330-253-2900 or by e-mail.

More eye candy for your consideration:

Pinspotting by Something New Entertainment.


Pinspotting by Something New Entertainment.

Pinspotting by Something New Entertainment.

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