DJ AJ9’s St. Patty’s Day Reflections: Party Pics, Photo Booths, and a Special Offer

DJ Sweet T, DJ Thunder, and DJ Triple D. Fabulous hats by DJ AJ9.

We had a great time yesterday evening visiting our friends and colleagues the DJ Crew down at the Tangier on West Market Street just North of Downtown Akron to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Tangier’s unique and opulent decor has been the backdrop for hundreds of concerts, corporate events, banquets, and wedding receptions since 1948.  With capacity for up to 1,000, and a fully-customizable menu, they can handle just about anything!  It’s definitely a place of interest if you’re still looking for a fabulous and unusual reception venue in the Akron area.

The Fountain Room at the Tangier, Akron, OH. Click for source.

The DJ Crew staked their claim on the Tangier’s gorgeous Fountain Room as “Club Crew” for the evening, and DJs Justin, Triple D, Sweet T, and I (AJ9) headed down to say “hello.”

The club was super-crowded when we arrived — there was a band playing earlier in the evening, and they were just finishing up.  It was getting to that time in the evening when everyone is ready to stop sitting and start dancing, and Club Crew was just beginning to pick up.

We couldn’t help thinking that this room in particular, with it’s strong color scheme, vaulted ceiling, stained glass accents, green marble tiling, and rich wood flooring would be absolutely fabulous with variable-hue uplighting and/or semi-intelligent dance lighting to really transform the room into a very different kind of space for the dancing portion of a wedding reception, beginning cocktail hour with the sumptuous elegance of the Fountain Room and then after dinner to begin transitioning into more of a dance club feel.

DJ AJ9 and DJ Sweet T. Fabulous hats by DJ AJ9.

DJ AJ9 and DJ Thunder. Fabulous hats by DJ AJ9.











I spent a little time the night before making these fun hats for several of the Disc Jockeys, though I only got DJ Thunder to wear his for about fifteen seconds for the photo.  I am a little sad that March 18 is not a day that one traditionally wears a green glittery hat, because I really enjoyed mine.  :'(

While we were there, we ran into Hartley from Memory ProductionsWedding Photography, Videography, and Photo Booth Rental who was set up for the evening with one of his Digital Vintage Styled Photo Booths.  As you can see, we had some fun with that, as well!

DJ AJ9 x 6

DJ Justin and DJ AJ9 x 6

The whole process is very interactive;  the computer screen inside lets you choose from three different print colorings — black-and-white, sepia toned, or full color — and then prompts you as it takes six individual shots.  There’s a warning flash before each shot and you can see your reflection in the screen so you know what your face looks like.

It was really an experience just to sit inside it!  The photo booth itself  is strong and sturdy just like the ones you used to see at malls and amusement parks, and has a cool retro design.

The prints come out super-fast — I think it took maybe a minute — and are crystal-clear photo quality.  That strip down the middle can be personalized for your wedding with your colors, name, date, theme, fonts — pretty much anything that will fit!

These Photo Booths are becoming more and more popular at weddings, and after yesterday evening, I can really see why!  Normally, when I’m working a wedding, I’ve got a bride and groom depending on me every minute, and it’s not really a good time to just run off and go play in the photo booth, so this was my first time getting to use a photo booth since real film photography went out of fashion fifteen years ago and they started pulling these beauties out of malls.  It was a great St. Patrick’s Day treat to get to use one, again!

Something New Entertainment Bridal DJ Service March 2010 Wedding Disc Jockey Special Discount Offer - Click for a more detailed view.

Don’t forget — even though St Patrick’s Day 2010 may be over and gone, our St. Patrick’s Day Special is still in effect until the end of the month.  If you’re thinking about booking Disc Jockey or Lighting Design services with Something New Entertainment Bridal DJ Service for your wedding reception, book before March 31, 2010 to take advantage of this special offer: add any one basic additional service at no additional charge.

Choose from Celebration Lighting, a Memory Slide Show presented on a flat screen TV mounted in gallery-worthy elegant gold-gilded frame, wedding ceremony music, or an additional hour of reception play time with your DJs.

This offer is good on any new booking for both the limited number of 2010 engagements we have available, as well as 2011 dates, but call soon, because both are filling up quickly!

For more information about Something New Entertainment Bridal DJ Service, to schedule a consultation, or to book your wedding reception, please contact DJ AJ9 at 330-253-2900.

For more information about the Tangier, contact them directly at 330-376-7171, or use their web form.

For more information about Memory Productions, contact Hartley Grimm at 330-245-0947.

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