Help DJ Justin Stand Against Cancer and Choose a Moustache Style!

DJ Justin and His Mysterious Movember Moustache! Help Him Choose A Style!


Movember (the month formerly known as much-less-stylish “November”) is the scintillating season of sensational ‘staches.


MOUstaches, that is.


Get ready for fabulous moustaches for a great cause: men’s health.


This Movember, DJ Justin is taking a stand against cancer alongside several of our national colleagues as part of Movember & Sons Team DJ Molicious, but he needs YOUR HELP!


Here’s how you can support DJ Justin’s Moustachy Movement:


Handlebar or Pencil-Thin?  CHOOSE DJ JUSTIN’S STYLE

With his already-full goatee, DJ Justin will have a lot of ‘stache to work with by the end of Movember.  So much, in fact, that he’s having a bit of trouble deciding just how to wear it.  Help Justin decide on a moustache style by visiting his facebook event page, joining the event, and voting on the poll.
Need style inspiration?  Visit the American Moustache Institute for a run-down of classic moustache shapes and styles.


Join the movement!  Stop shaving your upper lip! Grow a moustache for November — it’s fun, stylish, and for a good cause!  Then, choose a style for your OWN ‘stache!  
Having trouble growing enough of your own to “count” — maybe because you’re a lady?  That’s ok; become a Mo Sista (like DJ AJ9 — who actually made an official permission slip for DJ Justin to participate in this project) and support a comerade-in-handlebars who’s growing their moustache for Movember, sport a fauxstache, or wear moustache-themed gear.




Remind the men in your life to get screened for prostate and testicular cancer, show off your ‘stache, and let others know why you’re growing it!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!  RAISE FUNDS


Movember is hilarious, but cancer is no joke.  Consider a donation to DJ Justin’s Team at Movember and Sons (Team DJ Molicious).  Your tax-deductible donation benefits:

The Movember Foundation uses the money raised to fund two programs: an awareness and education program that significantly increases the understanding and reduces the stigmas of the health risks that men face, and Movember’s Global Action Plan that accelerates key outcomes in prostate cancer research by facilitating global research collaboration projects.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation uses the money raised by Movember to fund research that is accelerating the discovery of better treatments and ultimately a cure for prostate cancer.

LIVESTRONG Foundation uses the money raised by Movember to fund programs that address the unmet needs of male cancer survivors and their families. This will be a comprehensive, national program with local components that will help men navigate the best treatment option, support them through treatment and help their quality of life post treatment.


Thank you for your support, and happy Movember from the Team at Something New Entertainment!!!

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