Don’t Risk Getting Pinched. ;) Ten Easy GREEN Ideas for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Wedding Day, and Beyond!

1.) Salt your playlist with some new MP3s.  Buy them online and download to reduce the use of plastic and packaging in CD production.  Here are some great choices to make you giggle:

  • Johnny Cash’s “Green, Green Grass of Home”
  • Al Green (“Let’s Stay Together,” and other great tunes)
  • Anything by Green Day
  • Coldplay’s “Green Eyes”
  • Green Jelly (one-hit-wonder “Three Little Pigs”)

2.) Start composting — it’s easy and can be darn near close to free!  You can make a basic composter from chicken wire, fencing, or a food-grade barrel.

Or — if you’re feeling high-tech and want to invest, you can get a great composter at most hardware stores for $60 – $250.  I have one with it’s own gravity-feeding feature and leaf scoopers that you can score at Sam’s Club for under $65.  If you don’t have a Sam’s Club Membership — just call me!  I’ll be happy to take you as my “+1”!   No kidding!  Call me!  I think that it is a very nice

model (it’s even green), inexpensive, no pests, no smell, and come spring, you’ll have some wonderful, effective, and very safe fertilizer for your flowers, or — better yet — a little vegetable garden!  Maybe with berry bushes!  Choose plants native to our region for best results (and there are lots of great options to choose from).  Save money; save gas from transport; eat yummy, fresh food.  How green of you!

3.) Have a cup of green tea!  Did you know that Asian medicine has recognized the restorative powers of green tea for more than four thousand years?  And it’s not just ancient belief that supports that confidence, but modern-day science.  Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that have been shown to reduce the risk of several different kinds of cancer, improve the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol, tooth decay, and even food poisoning, as well as  assist in weight loss with a balanced diet and exercise, of course!

Drink your tea out of a reusable cup or mug.  Decor Craft Inc. Products has an adorable travel mug out right now (see above) called “I am not a paper cup” that look like the old disposables, which I think is pretty funny.  Tip: if you call ahead, many coffee shops will save their spent coffee grounds for you, which you can add to your compost!  Your berry bushes will be so grateful!

4.) If you want to add a little extra “oomph” to your wedding reception decor, ask about uplighting options from Something New Entertainment Bridal DJ Service as a standalone service, or added to your existing Wedding Disc Jockey Service Agreement.  Let us transform your ball room into a unique space — dramatic, romantic, and unusual.  Uplighting is the ultimate eye candy.  Our green LED system uses a teeny teeny tiny fraction of the energy of a traditional incandescent lighting system, plus it’s completely cool to the touch — that means none of the risks that come with hot lights AND none of the extra energy expenditure from the additional air conditioning all those hot lights will require!  You can choose from green or nearly any color of the spectrum to compliment your wedding colors and theme and make your dance floor a magical place!

5.) Ask you other wedding vendors how they can help your wedding be more green.  Can your caterer or florist obtain any local produce, meat, or flowers?  Can your photographer use a digital proofing system?  Can your caterer or cakery use any organic ingredients?  What are you planning on using that’s disposable that could be replaced with something reusable?  Once you’ve started thinking green as a team, you’ll be surprised at how many ways you can make little changes to improve the sustainability factor of your wedding at little to no cost or trouble.  Nice.

6.) Read a green book — to help you plan your wedding, to laugh, to learn, or just to kill some time.  If you want to be especially green about it, buy it from a thrift store, or borrow it from a friend or library.  Here are some fun green choices:

7.) Consider fuel economy, and this doesn’t have to mean replacing your current vehicle.  Even little changes make a difference.  It can be as simple as checking your tire pressure, or having someone do it for you.  Did you know that fifty cents worth of air can change your gas mileage efficiency by more than three percent!  That can add up to the equivalent of saving you about eight cents per gallon, and billions less particles of waste released into the air!  I know — I think it’s a weird concept to charge for air, too.  Logically, I know they’re charging for the expense of running a pump, but it always tickles that part of my brain that says “if anything should be free, it’s air!”  Regardless — $.50 can save you about $.96+ in your first tank (based on a 12 gallon tank), so, it’s an investment that quickly pays for itself.  Making an effort to drive less aggressively makes an even bigger impact (and may save you some cash on speeding tickets), as well as avoiding excessive idling.  Read more at Edmunds.

8.) Going green for your big day? Shop The Knot Wedding Shop’s Eco-Weddings boutique for some green wedding favors and gifts — great ideas include plantable paper products laced with flower seeds, soy or beeswax candles, biodegradable confetti and confetti poppers, or wedding accessories (like a ringbearer pillow or a guest book) made of renewable bamboo.  There’s a ton of other cool stuff in the Knot shop, too, and they have pretty low prices, too! If you make it over there before March 19, you can get 15% off $100 for the entire The Knot Wedding Shop PLUS get a free gift! Use code KSMAR15 at checkout. Expires March 19.

9.) Of course you should have some green beer!  How ’bout choosing a big frosty mug of one of Cleveland’s own Great Lakes Brewing Co. Brews or Akron’s own Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. Brews?  There are half a dozen other companies, too.  Ask your bartender what’s local!  These beers didn’t have to travel too far to get to you, saving fuel, plus their purchase supports the local Northeast Ohio economy.  There’s such a great variety that I’m sure there’s one you’ll love.  Want to be extra-green?  I knew you did!  Have a draft instead of a bottle since reusing (mug) is even better than recycling (bottle) in this case, and many bars do not recycle.

10.) Tell a friend!  If you see an easy idea or two on this list that you like, tell a friend and double your impact!  We can all pitch in to make a cleaner place for us — and our children — to live.

11.) I know — it’s supposed to be a “top ten” list, but this is important: you should probably wear some green, too.  Otherwise, someone still might pinch you!

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!


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