Something New Entertainment MC Delivers Educational Seminar for NEO IT Professionals

DJ_JUSTIN_ThumbnailSomething New Entertainment’s own DJ Justin will be presenting, this evening, Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at the Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum (NEOISF).

The evening will begin with refreshments and networking at 6:00 PM, followed by Justin’s seminar on Soft Skills entitled “The Elusive IT Soft Skills; essential p2p skills for IT professionals.”  This presentation will touch on the “Soft Skills” or interpersonal skills needed for progress in positions requiring interaction with other people — nearly every position in every field.  These behaviors, social markers of Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), are essential for success in the service-driven field of Information Technology and serve — even more than technical skills — as indicators of future advancement in this industry and many others.


This is certainly a subject that can benefit many in nearly every field of business, and all are welcome to attend, free of charge.  Join NEOISF in the lower level of the Park Center Plaza #1 building (in the large room on lower level) off of Rockside Road in Independence.



Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum (NEOISF)

(Today) Wednesday, November 20, 2013

6:00 PM – Refreshments and Networking
6:30 PM – The Elusive IT Soft Skills
7:15 PM – Q & A

6100 Oak Tree Blvd
Independence, Ohio

Justin Herman (Founder & Chief Entertainment Officer) has more than 15 years of professional experience in the theatre, technology, and entertainment industries, both on- and off-stage, as an actor, singer, dancer, lighting designer, sound designer, information technology expert, and educational speaker.   For more information about Justin, visit his Something New Entertainment Staff Bio Page.

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