Something New Entertainment Internship Program Wins CBC Award

2013-03-20 13.19.20

We are thrilled to announce that Something New Entertainment has, again, been honored with an award — this time, for our summer internship offerings!

Following our nomination in January, Something New Entertainment’s Internship program has been named “Coolest Internship” in the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education and Cleveland Business Connects Magazine’s Expy Awards.

Education is at the forefront of our mission for growth — both by bettering our staff’s skills as DJs and MCs, as well as through offering hands-on educational opportunities for the next generation of event professionals and theatrical technicians, designers, and producers.  For those reasons, our participation in the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education’s Entrepreneurial Internship Program was important to our team, particularly DJ AJ9 (who — by the way — was a also finalist for Best Intern Mentor), who’s never really shaken the “teaching bug.”

Internships at Something New Entertainment are “cool” for a number of reasons.  Here are the Top 10:
10.) Cool Dresscode: Day to day, count on getting to wear ALL of your favorite outfits during your internship with Something New Entertainment.  From your grubbiest sweats on a day we’re painting or doing production work to casual jeans on a day we’re doing set-up, standard business casual for a venue walk-through, professional attire for an industry cocktail party or a client pitch meeting, or evening attire for a formal wedding.  You can count on not being bored by wearing a variation of the same thing, every day!
9.) Cool Technology: Something New Entertainment works with computer, phone, sound, lighting, multimedia, and electrical systems on the very cutting edge of technology.  Count on expanding your technical knowledge through opportunities with Something New Entertainment.
8.) Cool Environment: Party, party, party!  Something New Entertainment plans entertainment for parties, so a large part of our work time is spent AT parties we’ve planned!  When we’re not AT a party, we’re planning one — in the studio, warehouse, or office — or making plans to plan one on a site visit of a future event.  There’s some driving and reflective time involved, too.  Bottom line: don’t worry about your office not having a window; chances are, you won’t be sitting still, long!
7.) Cool Industry: Something New Entertainment is a special events entertainment company specializing in weddings, a field that just could not be any HOTTER, right now (thanks, David Tutera!).  Being able to work hands-on in the special events industry is glamorous and exciting!
6.) Cool Bosses: Something New Entertainment Owners Anna-Jeannine and Justin Herman are fun to work with.  This theatrical-performance-and-design-bred duo turned special event thinktank might be the definition of quirky.  They’re passionate, laid-back, friendly, and serious about contributing to the team dynamic by rolling up their own sleeves on a daily basis to further this offbeat undertaking.
5.) Cool Co-Workers: the Something New Entertainment Team is made up of a diverse group of visual artists, performers, and technology buffs that make for very interesting company!  Like owners Anna-Jeannine and Justin, team members were hand-picked to represent the ideals of live theatre professionals — energetic, creative, modest, talented, and — above all — kind and responsive.
4.) Cool Culture: Something New Entertainment staff and event industry staff, at large, are fun-loving folk.  They’re drawn to this industry because they’re sociable, and they’re a hoot to be around!  In general, they’re artistic, open to new ideas, and generous with praise.  It’s a great community to be a part of!
3.) Cool Development: Our Cool bosses love to expose our interns to opportunities in the industry.  Whether it’s attending an industry networking mixer or doing for-real work in the field, Something New Entertainment interns get the lion’s share of professional development opportunities.  Geting a position with Something New Entertainment can be a great stepping-stone onward and upward, because we want to help you achieve your goals!
2.) Cool Clients: We get to be with people on some of the happiest days of their lives!  Despite what the media may tell you, there are VERY, VERY FEW “Bridezillas,” and most of them are NOT our clients, because our planning style appeals to folks who are looking for entertainment consultants, not “servants.”  Rather, our clients are warm, creative folks who like to dance just a wee bit off the beaten path and are looking for us to help them execute a really special, unique, and memorable event.  It’s our job to be their advocates, and they are not shy with their praise and gratitude.  They’re some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, and it’s incredibly rewarding to have the honor to serve them.
1.) Cool Opportunities: Something New Entertainment believes in our interns’ creativity, and we encourage you to unleash it!  If you’re looking for a position where you’ll be expected to make coffee and take out the trash, then you might apply elsewhere.  Though all team members at Something New Entertainment share those mundane tasks (you’ll even catch our owners cleaning the bathrooms in rotation), the bulk of your duties will be in your area of interest and will stretch your capabilities.  Our team is here to guide you on your journey and catch you, if you “fall,” but we want you to have the opportunity to challenge yourself and grow through your work with our company, and the best way for you to achieve your potential is to fly your flag high!


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