Event Review: Jenny+Pat, May 8, 2010

Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

On Saturday, May 8, 2010, we had the privilege of providing disc jockey and master of ceremonies services for Jenny and Pat’s Youngstown-area wedding reception at the Lake Club  in Youngstown, Ohio, coordinated by on-site coordinator, JoAnn Yova.
We first met Jenny and Pat in person several months after they had booked with us from out-of-town.  As a Tennessee native, I have a special understanding of the additional pressures involved in planning a wedding from out-of-town.  As a result, Something New Entertainment serves many clients planning from out-of-town, who seem to appreciate our responsiveness, availability, and creative problem-solving during the planning process.

Jenny's gorgeous gown - complete with pockets. POCKETS!!! Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Something Blue -- dancing shoes! Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Jenny has a great sense of humor. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

What stands out to me most about Jenny and Pat is that they’re the kind of fun-loving people who don’t take themselves too seriously — the kind of people who throw a party you know you’ll have a great time attending.  True to form,  Jenny incorporated lots of whimsical touches into the evening’s design elements.

The bride wore a gown by Paloma Blanca that had pockets (style #4006).

Yes, that’s right, ladies, you heard me right: POCKETS!  Goodness gracious, I do wish that this didn’t have to be notable.  Why can’t women have more pocket-ed clothing options?  We can’t wear jeans everywhere, you know!  I look forward to the day when I’ll say “the bride wore a gown that didn’t have any pockets.  Isn’t that bizarre?!?!?”

In any case — this gorgeous dress had ’em.  How cool is that?  She sported a special “something blue” — a deep blue pair of peep-toe pumps by Nina.   And last but not least,  a Twigs and Honey (etsy) hair flower.  Her hair was styled by Cheryl Cornich at X-Tatic About Hair.

The bride's gift to the groom. Star Trek insignia cuff links. Pretty cool, huh? Photo by DJ AJ9

DJ Justin's feet (left) and the groom's feet (right). Nice shoes, boys! Photo by DJ AJ9

Her wedding day gift to the groom?  Old School Star Trek logo cuff links.  Plus — Pat was rocking the wingtips!

The Lake Club. Photo by DJ AJ9

The Lake Club's stage and dance floor. Uplighting by Something New Entertainment. Paper lanterns by Something New Florist & Events. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

The Lake Club's bar. Photo by DJ AJ9

The Lake Club was decked out in style with dozens of green and white paper lanterns provided by Something New Florist and Events which were suspended from the dropped ceiling’s metal framework using these cool little magnetic hooks.  We’ve seen Something New Florist and Events at a couple of different trade shows this season, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to work at an actual reception that they’ve bedecked and beflowered.  They always have really beautiful and unusual offerings from simple and classic to clean and cutting edge, and this wedding reception was obviously no exception.
The tables, on the other hand, featured sturdier glass and metal lantern centerpieces with candles and modern floral designs (both also by the talented folks at Something New Florist and Events), as well as linen accents chosen and sewed by the bride and the mother-of-the-bride.

Table decor. Linens by the bride and mother. Metal lanterns and paper lanterns both by Something New Florist and Events. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Table decor. Linens by the bride and mother. Metal lanterns and paper lanterns both by Something New Florist and Events. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

As you can see from the photos, the results were elegant, very polished and pulled-together effects that still retained rustic, fanciful qualities.  You know — that difficult-to-achieve “oh-we-just-so-happened-to-have-all-this-stuff-lying-around-here-and-it-just-so-happens-to-match-and-be-lots-of-fun-all-together” look that keeps guests comfortable and engaged.  Nicely done, team!

The cake. Holy smokes, Batman (and Wonderwoman)! Photo by DJ AJ9.

The cookie table is a Youngstown tradition.  When a wedding is planned, friends of the family offer to bake cookies for the reception.  Being the sort of fun folks that they are, Jenny and Pat have quite a lot of friends, and that means two things for their wedding reception: lots of people and lots of cookies!  While the Lake Club’s generously-sized dining area was plenty large enough to seat all approximately 400 of their guests, there wasn’t quite enough room left over to seat all the cookies they brought.  😉  The Lake Club has a fantastic set-up to accommodate situations like this, extending the dining area by adding an elegant tent annex.

The club’s adjoining tent housed the enormous Youngstown-style cookie table crowned by an elegant two-tier cake (made by the bride’s cousin, Dawnyel Monroe) boasting a very unique “cake topper.”

Jenny also set up a fun DIY photobooth with lots of crazy props from hats and glasses to a microphone, a mustache, a feather boa, and more.  Definitely click to enlarge that first photo, below, of all the cool props they had to play with!  This made for a fun activity for guests of all ages for the entire evening!

Lots of fun props for the DIY photobooth. Photo by DJ AJ9

DJ Justin leaving a fun photo for the couple. Photo by DJ AJ9.

A cute photo for Jenny and Pat from the DIY photobooth. Photo by Jenny and Pat!


Speaking of which: you know what else the guests enjoyed the entire evening?  Dancing!  Jenny and Pat have a very eclectic musical taste ranging from Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra to Insane Clown Posse, Flight of the Conchords, S Club 7, and the Black Eyed Peas.

Gorgeous and tasty food by the Lake Club. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

We started out the evening slow with some special requests from the bride by a Madeline Perot, a jazz singer with a Billie Holiday/Ella Fitzgerald sort of style, as well as Northeast Ohio’s own Joshua Radin,  Jack Johnson, Josh Groban, and others.

This music really set the tone for an elegant and optimistic evening as the guests enjoyed cocktails, cookies, and conversation around the Lake Club’s gorgeous modern bar and later, a beautiful and delicious “surf and turf” dinner prepared by the Lake Club including a filet of beef served atop a large crouton along with colossal crab-stuffed shrimp, new potatoes, and broccoli.
Did you know you can eat orchids?  Yeah — me neither.  They’re pretty good, kind of like red leaf lettuce.  I would eat one, again.

Later on, Jenny and Pat shared their first dance to Meiko’s How Lucky We Are, followed by the traditional father-daughter dance to Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight and the mother-son dance to Mother’s Day by Jim Brickman.

Getting down at the Lake Club! Photo by Jaci Clark Photography

We had some great dancers! Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Afterwards, the dance floor opened, and it didn’t stop for the rest of the evening!  The couple ended up extending their contract to include additional time to accommodate the energetic dance floor!  They rocked out to a variety of songs including Love Shack by the B-52s, Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey (which one groomsman declared to be “the song of the night!”), All That She Wants by Ace of Base, as well as tunes by Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, the Beatles, some Motown, and a variety of 80’s rock and dance hits.

The groom rocking out with his friends. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography

Having a great time on the dance floor. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Bridesmaids. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Jenny chose a midnight blue convertible-strap transforming bridesmaid dress from Dessy, which allowed each girl to express herself from the comfort of breathable cotton stretch knit.  Ahhhh.

Each dress was tied in a different configuration, and some of them were pretty creative with complicated twists, cap sleeves, one-shoulder action, etc.  I was pretty impressed!  Click that thumbnail to enlarge.

This great idea led to a freer range of motion for dancing for our bridesmaids, who were ready to boogie down!  It also accommodated a variety of body types flatteringly, including the bride’s sister, who is with child.  Plus, these dresses are so en vogue right now that they probably will be able to actually wear them again!  They all looked great!

Bridesmaid/sister of the bride in her (very practical) dress. Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

A little karaoke to sing the little one to sleep? Photo by Jaci Clark Photography.

Client feedback:  In Pat’s own words, Something New Entertainment “played all the songs on the ‘must play’ list and stayed away from songs on the ‘Do not play’ list.  Kept the evening flowing very smoothly.  Overall, great people to work with.  Very customer oriented.”

Thanks, Jenny and Pat, for allowing us to be part of your special day!  We enjoyed working with you, too, and I’ll be expecting a call for entertainment for your fiftieth anniversary party! 🙂

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