Event Review: Kate and Trevor’s Modern Handmade Wedding at Lake Forest Country Club



Photo by BrightSide Photography

On Christmas day morning 2011, Trevor Arnold gave Katie Moore a helmet to wear, blindfolded her, and took her outside to receive what she *thought* would be a four-wheeler.


When she turned around, though, her high school sweetheart was on his knee with a ring. The next summer, on September 8, 2012, the couple, who met as teenagers at a county fair where both were showing horses, married at Lake Forest Country Club in Hudson.  They are celebrating their first anniversary, this week!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Katie and Trevor!


Their rustic wedding put nature’s beauty front and center. They married outside amid luscious, verdant scenery — fitting given that they own a landscaping company. To the right is Katie’s favorite image of the day:


“I liked that they captured so much of the surroundings,” she said. “There was so much color and greenery.”


Brightside Photography is the they Katie refers to, and they were “awesome,” she told us. We couldn’t agree more: Lisa and Chad Austin’s images simply pop, and they have a very good eye for composition. See what I mean?



Photo by BrightSide Photography


We posted not too long ago an interview with Lisa on our blog; click here to read more about them.

When it comes to outdoor ceremonies, Something New Entertainment is often asked to provide music and microphones, both handheld and those worn on a lapel.  We also are licensed ministers for those who need an officiant, too!



Photo by BrightSide Photography


It’s important when planning your event outside to consider the weather (it is Northeast Ohio, after all), and also where the sun will be at the time the bride and groom will exchange vows. Depending on where it is, your guests may swelter and also may not be able to see the two of you if the sun is shining directly into their eyes. Talk to your professional photographer about timing and positioning for your ceremony in order to avoid strong shadows on your faces.



Photo by BrightSide Photography

Let’s talk fashion for a minute: Katie found her dream gown in under an hour (she tried on only a handful!) at Catan Fashions in Strongsville.


She really stuns in it, doesn’t she?


Now — we can’t all be as lucky as Katie (one HOUR — W-O-W), but having a handle on what you’re looking for in terms of budget, style, and silhouette can help give you a leg up for a pain-free Yes to the dress.


And a caring and competent bridal attire specialist?  WORTH HER WEIGHT IN SEQUINS, at LEAST!  The internet is a great place to start your research, but there are soooooo many advantages to choosing a full-service bridal salon, when it comes to buying.


Check out some of our other tips for  dress shopping!


When it came to music, Katie and Trevor didn’t want cheesy. They wanted their DJ to play fun, upbeat songs that people would know, and Katie spent a good deal of time researching and considering music for their special dances.



Photo by BrightSide Photography

(Something New Entertainment also makes our archives available to our clients, including the top 50 most requested songs used for each of these special events.)


For Katie and Trevor, we played a good mix of older and newer songs, including some country, Michael Bublé, and Frank Sinatra. Michael Bublé’s voice and song material were especially wedding-appropriate, Katie said.


“There’s a lot of love and romance,” she said. “And it’s good for all ages. You’re not going to be embarrassed that your grandma is hearing this.”


The bride and groom shared their first married dance to “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young Band, a song whose lyrics talk about a woman that a man loves like crazy.



Photo by BrightSide Photography

When it came time for Katie to dance with her dad, we played “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts.


Katie told us later this was a really happy moment for her, and the song a fitting one, given how her dad is always there to lend a helping hand and thoughtful advice.


Something New Entertainment is a company that thrives on feedback, so we ask for it.  Knowing where we shine and identifying any area where improvement is possible is part of our endeavor to constantly improve!


One of the facets of our service that Katie said surprised her is how her DJ and MC team (hey — that’s us!) checked in on Trevor and her all night, at times even bringing them food and drinks.


Is it our job?  Maybe not in the strictest interpretation, yet these are common duties among our team members because we want to ensure things run smoothly, even though — yes — it may not have much to do with song selection or emcee duties… not directly, any way.


However — I’ll wager that most any bride or groom will tell you how crucial those few bites and sips were to sustaining their energy during this (at times) exhausting day, and — it’s safe to say — we know that wonderful entertainment doesn’t count for much without a the energy to enjoy it!


Speaking of food and drink — we’d be remiss not to give mention to the couple’s fantastic cake baker, Reeves Cake Shop out of Akron, which whipped up a three-layer cake of decadent flavors.  The cut this gorgeous confection to the infinitely sweet “Bubbly”



Photo by BrightSide Photography


The top layer was banana with Bavarian cream (um… yes, please!), the middle layer was red velvet with cream cheese (can one ever go wrong with red velvet?) and the bottom layer was an almond cake with raspberry. The cake tasted “amazing,” Katie told us, and Reeves even hand-piped loving words onto it.

The couple hired The Budding Tree to do not only their flowers and centerpieces, but their customized invitations, too, and Katie loved their work.

“They were so nice to work with,” she said. “They were very creative.”


Photo by BrightSide Photography


Katie tossed her bouquet to the new event classic — Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  What a great shot, too!  Nice work, BrightSide Photography!



Photo by BrightSide Photography


Trevor retrieved the garter to David Rose Orchestra’s “The Stripper.”  Though you might not recognize the name of this song, you’ll definitely recognize the tune.  This burlesque standard is easily one of the world’s most recognized pieces of instrumental music, having been used in a dozen films, cartoons, TV shows, comedy acts, etc., etc., etc.  It’s become synonymous with the comedic elements of a burlesque striptease and is a perfect choice for a garter removal, breaking any lingering tension and paving the way for the laughter, pictured, above.



Photo by BrightSide Photography


We’ll leave you with the couple’s must-play and do-not-play songs, and a little advice from the bride, herself:


Michael Bublé, jazzy sounding songs and Rat Pack for the cocktail hour.

“Sweet Caroline”by Neil Diamond

“Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper

“Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid

“Wild One” by Flo Rida

“Good Feeling” by Flo Rida

“Some Nights” by Fun.

“I’ve Got Friends” by Garth Brooks

“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

“As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber

“Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO



Photo by BrightSide Photography


“I Don’t Want This Night to End” by Luke Bryan

“Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan

“Pound the Alarm” by Nikki Minaj

“Settle Down” by No Doubt

“Many the Miles” by Sara Barielles

“Uncharted” by Sara Barielles

“King of Anything” by Sara Barielles

“Chasing the Sun” by The Wanted



The Chicken Dance — Katie did not want to do this dance in her gown.  Who could blame her?!

Breakup/downer mood songs

Hard-core rap



Photo by BrightSide Photography


Katie’s planning advice to other brides:


“Definitely hire the right people. Make sure you get referrals. And plan your vendor meetings out ahead of time so people aren’t trying to track you down (in the final months leading up to the big day).”


She also devoted a consistent block of hours each week in the last month of planning to working on wedding stuff, which kept her to-do list manageable.  Now that’s some smart strategizing!



Photo by BrightSide Photography


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