Event Review: Walk It, Win It, End It; Something New Entertainment Honored by Breast Cancer Coalition Charity with Award for Service, June 19, 2010

Last weekend, we had the honor of providing disc jockey entertainment and sound support for a cause very close to our hearts (both literally and figuratively!) for a pair of charity events to benefit the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NOBCCF), a  not-for-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of survivors of breast cancer and to improving access to and awareness of treatment and prevention measures in hopes of eradicating breast cancer.  Founded in 2000, NOBCCF programs are led by breast cancer survivors, promoting the importance of awareness and early detection, and acting as advocates for patients, encouraging research, screening, treatment, and education.

We kicked off the weekend with a high-energy Dance Cruise aboard the Goodtime III to celebrate the past accomplishments of the NOBCCF and in breast cancer research.  DJ Triple D was spinning on the ones and twos, covering a variety of genres of music including party favorites and lots of current Top 40, hip-hop, and urban tracks.  It was a hopping party that came just short of rocking the boat, LOL!

The next morning, we gathered together, again, at Gordon Park near Lakeside in Cleveland for an energizing 5K walk dedicated to fundraising and awareness.  Some 200 woman and men turned out to pledge their morning to this cause, which lasted about three and a half hours from 8:00AM to 11:30AM.  The walk was actually scheduled to last longer, in anticipation of slower walkers — but you guys were real speed demons!  Participants finished the walk a full hour ahead of schedule.  Let’s hope that this 5K walk is just the first step in a series of life-changing healthy decisions.  Cheers to all who participated.

We were honored with a service award for our services donation and received a beautiful plaque.

Both events were presented by Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Conwell, the Cleveland City Council, the City of Cleveland, LifeSkills Center, HOPE Academy, and the Cleveland Department of Public Health.  Health Commissioner Karen Butler was in attendance (she’s standing next to Justin in the photo) and personally participated in the walk, leading the way.  The event was organized by Committee Chairwoman Dr. Necia Boone (2nd from the left, above), Co-Chairwoman Yvonne Conwell, and Liz Schulte from NOBCCF.

This event was also sponsored by the Goodtime III excursion ship, 93.1 WZAK FM Radio, The Cleveland Call and Post Newspaper, Boone Enterprises, Gas USA, Inc., and the Glenville Titans, with special thanks extended to Cleveland City Council Executive Assistant Paulla Ireland, City of Cleveland Graphic Designer and owner of Gimmie Graphics, Tiffaney Beasley, Freelance Marketin/Design Consultant Tom Secrest, and S Group Promotional Product’s Jim Holy.

For more information about how to contribute to this worthy cause, either financially or with the donation of your time, please visit NOBCC or call 440-717-9912.

Our Mission

The Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NOBCCF) is a member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). We are an organization formed and led by breast cancer survivors. Our goal is to eradicate breast cancer by leading the effort to focus our communities, research institutions, the news media and consumer advocates on breast cancer. Like NBCC, the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund works to inform, train and direct breast cancer patients and concerned others in knowledgeable and effective patient and research advocacy efforts at all levels. We recognize that the process of curing and eradicating breast cancer involves access to quality health care, patient education and support, improved funding for research as well as consumer awareness. We have an education and advocacy network in the northern Ohio area and work to educate and assist women living with breast cancer to achieve the following goals:

  • To promote research through increased funding, improved research and recruitment and training of scientists
  • To improve access to high-quality screening, diagnosis, treatment and care for all women, particularly the underserved and uninsured, through change in the regulation and delivery of breast health care
  • To facilitate the involvement and influence of those living with breast cancer in the northern Ohio area in improving access to quality health care, support services in the community as well as involvement in aspects of clinical trial design, including access to clinical trials

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