Vendors We Adore: Heidi of Heidzillas

This Fall, I’m teaming up with some of my favorite wedding industry peeps to give you great professional insight and advice about everything from flowers to photography and anything in between in this series of vendor interviews! To view more Fabulous Fall Favorites, click here.

Heidi of Heidzillas. Photo by Genevieve Nisly.


Appropriately, the first in this series features the undeniable Mrs. Heidi Baumgart, one of the first “wedding industry connections” I really made (quite unknowingly) before I became very active with social media back when we were both Knotties planning our own weddings!

Since then, Heidi has established her own wedding planning firm, Heidzillas, which has really taken off, and Heidi has well-established herself as one of the best planners in the area.

Like Something New Entertainment, Heidzillas is a Fox 8 HOT LIST Winner, as well as a Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award Winner and’s Best of Weddings pick.  Heidi also serves several non-for-profit charities, including as a fellow wish-granter for Wish Upon A Wedding and Rainbow Babies.

Despite all these accolades, Heidi still remains as grounded and down-to-earth as always.  In fact, when I asked for her bio, she didn’t even include any of this information!  (Silly girl, thinking you could stop me from bragging on you!)

Read on for a little more of a taste of what makes Heidi tick as well as some helpful thoughts and tips on hiring a planner of your own, and, once you’re done, why not head on over to the Heidzillas page.  Heidi finished her 400th blog post yesterday!


Something New Entertainment Disc Jockey Anna-Jeannine “AJ9” Herman: What first interested you in planning weddings?

Heidi Baumgart of Heidzillas Wedding Planning: I’ve been planning elaborate parties since I was in high school, and then served on events boards for student organizations in college. Once my friends started to get engaged, I was far more excited to plan than they were for their own weddings, so I started to help.

DJ AJ9: How long have you been planning weddings?

Heidi: My business, Heidzillas, is over two years old but I’ve been helping friends plan for four years.

DJ AJ9: How would you describe your wedding planning style?

Heidi: Collaborative and communicative. I love to talk things out and hear what people have in their heads. Then I spend a lot of time in meetings and doing calls or emails to do a lot of research. I work to find the best solutions for what the bride and groom want and what’s in their budget.

DJ AJ9: What do you enjoy most about being a wedding planner?

Heidi: Meeting so many people – the great brides and grooms, their families and friends, and all of the vendors who I get to work alongside.

DJ AJ9: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring a planner for their wedding?

Heidi: How much time do they really have to plan, and how much time, stress and money can they save by having a professional partner?

DJ AJ9: How should a couple decide how much help they need?

Heidi: I typically talk through a lot of planning steps to see what they are excited to do themselves and what they’re dreading working on. Then I customize a package to their needs.

DJ AJ9: What’s the biggest misconception you think couples might have about wedding planners?

Heidi: People usually assume our services cost far more than they do and that the job is so easy Aunt Susie can help instead.

DJ AJ9: What’s the biggest misconception you think other vendors might have about wedding planners?

Heidi: I’ve found that vendors assume that wedding planners are bossy control freaks who micromanage. While I make sure everyone is doing what they need to be doing, I’m there to be on everyone’s team – not be mean.

DJ AJ9: What are some ways that couples can prepare for their wedding day to help ensure a smoother, more memorable event?

Heidi: Create a timeline! So often this is skipped and you miss the odd overlaps of the day.

DJ AJ9: What’s your favorite “must-have” moment during the day?

Heidi: I personally love the last moments with the bride and her escort when I’m getting the veil and train perfect and sending her down the aisle.



Heidi Baumgart is a Northeast Ohio / Cleveland wedding planner, coordinator, enthusiast and nerdball. Heidzillas is a wedding planning company offering full or partial planning and day of coordination. From putting together your guest list to cleaning up the cake crumbs, Heidzillas can assist you with every last detail making your wedding planning – and the wedding day – as smooth and stress free as possible.  (Logo design by Maria Pastore of Pastore Studio Invitations, Stationary, and Visual Brand Development)

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