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Something New Entertainment’s DJ Anna-Jeannine “AJ9” Herman: What first interested you in photography? 

AJ9: How long have you been photographing weddings?

Genevieve: I photographed my first wedding solo in December of 2001 and James started to help me in the summer of 2003. I went full time into photography at the end of 2005 and James did the same in early 2007. Can’t believe how fast time has gone!

Photography by Genevieve Nisly

AJ9: How would you describe your photographic style?

Genevieve: To be honest, we don’t like using labels to describe our style but I realize it can be totally avoided. We want our images to be natural and genuine. We love hearing our couples says after seeing their wedding images: “You captured every moment! His real smile, the tear on my mom’s cheek, my grandparents squeezing hands, the laughter and happiness .”  We strive to artfully capture the moments of the day as they occur and create authentic portraits while having a great time in the process.

AJ9: What do you enjoy most about being a wedding photographer?

Genevieve: Do I have to pick just one thing? That’s tough! If I had to choose it would be knowing that we are capturing family history that will be cherished for generations to come. It is so rewarding to see the images and stories we photograph displayed as art and in album for the couple, their friends and family to enjoy. It’s like being an artist, a historian and a writer all in one!


AJ9: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring a photographer for their wedding?

Genevieve: The main focus when choosing a photographer for your wedding is really two-fold: finding someone who can capture outstanding images and ones you can picture yourself in but also someone whom you feel a connection with. Being comfortable and knowing you can trust your photographer is key since it directly affects the images. You spend more time on average with your photographer on your wedding day than your spouse so be sure you really like them. All the photography awards in the world don’t mean anything if you don’t have that rapport that allows you to be yourself so the photographer can capture it.


Photography by Genevieve Nisly

Photography by Genevieve Nisly


AJ9: What are some ways that couples can prepare for their wedding day to help ensure better photos?

Genevieve: One way couples can ensure better photos is simply to allot enough time for them. Discussing the wedding day timeline and locations with your photographers can be very useful. Most couples don’t know how much time family formals and creative images with the bridal party takes or even where they should go for the best photos.  Asking the photographer BEFORE making the final schedule can really help to make sure the couple has the photos they want most.

Another useful aspect is doing an engagement session. Hardly anyone is used to being in front of the camera for an extended time (unless you are a model) so having a trial run before the wedding is very helpful. One of the benefits is the couple can see how the photographer works and poses them while simultaneously the photographer gets a sense of the couple’s chemistry. It’s really a win-win.

Photography by Genevieve Nisly

AJ9: What’s your favorite “must capture” moment during the day?

Genevieve: This has to be when the bride and groom see each other for the time on their wedding day. While this is often at the ceremony, we have more and more couples see each other before hand and the look on their faces is so real.

AJ9: What’s the question I’m not asking you but you wish I would, or What’s the question that clients usually don’t ask you but you wish they would?

Genevieve: Here are some questions that might be helpful when meeting with any photographer:

– Who would be photographing my wedding? In our case it’s always James and I but some studios have several teams and it’s vital to meet to actual person who will photograph your wedding.

– Can we view an entire recent wedding of yours? Possibly at our venue? Photographers are only as good as their last wedding. Showing a few images from the most lavish wedding 4 years ago with a drop-dead gorgeous couple doesn’t say much about the photographer’s current artistic abilities. If the photographer is familiar with the wedding venue, it can be an added bonus. We keep a blog that display images from every wedding and portrait session we do so everyone can see our latest images. It keeps us honest 🙂 We also send links and show entire recent weddings as well.


AJ9: What do you look for in a great DJ and what are your DJ pet peeves?  How can your DJ “co-workers” help you, hurt you, or irritate you throughout the day?

Genevieve: To us a good DJ should be friendly, professional, punctual, articulate, can give great advice yet be flexible, know how to read a crowd and pick music accordingly. We aren’t crazy about DJs who like to “steal the show”. It’s the bride and groom’s day after all. It can also be frustrating if the DJ does a fake bouquet toss or tells guests to look at our cameras. Not to worry, we will get the shots we need but we would rather people let us go under the radar to get those great moments.


Genevieve Nisly’s Bio:

The most meaningful moments of a wedding always happen unexpectedly and are usually gone in an instant. Husband and wife photographers James and Genevieve Nisly approach wedding photography with this in mind. They strive to capture not only the planned events of the day, but the utterly unplanned reactions that happen as a result. Look at their images to see that Genevieve and James take a great deal of personal pride in the quality, creativity and uniqueness of every wedding.

When not photographing weddings, engaged couples, newborns, families and more, they are typically found working from their home with their two young children, Rochelle and Ezra, nearby. With their free time, you’ll probably find Genevieve cooking up fancy meals while sipping on Cabernet, James reading his latest Wired issue, the kids playing in the sandbox or the whole family going on a bike ride, sitting by the fire or cuddled up on the couch watching Shaun the Sheep.



Photography by Genevieve Nisly


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  1. Arfus

    What beautiful images! And, what useful & thoughtful comments Genevieve made in the interview. It is so obvious that she loves her work, and that a lot of thought and care is put into each shot. It is definitely a step above the same old.

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