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Admit it: we all thought it once — boys were gross, girls were gross, and it was completely weird that our parents kissed each other.  Yuck!  I remember being young and thinking that I would never want to kiss a boy or get married like my older sisters and that maybe being a nun would be a really good career path for me solely because of this feeling.

Why am I telling you this?  Because every time I hear the word “twitter,” I can’t help but think about that scene in Bambi where the Owl is explaining to all the young animals about getting “twitterpated.”  I’ve even started referring to people following each other on twitter as them being “twitterpated.”

Flower: [about two birds fluttering around] Well! What’s the matter with them?
Thumper: Why are they acting that way?
Friend Owl: Why, don’t you know? They’re twitterpated.
Flower: Twitterpated?
Friend Owl: Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. For example: You’re walking along, minding your own business. You’re looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of a sudden you run smack into a pretty face. Woo-woo! You begin to get weak in the knees. Your head’s in a whirl. And then you feel light as a feather, and before you know it, you’re walking on air. And then you know what? You’re knocked for a loop, and you completely lose your head!
Thumper: Gosh, that’s awful.
Flower: Gee whiz.
Bambi: Terrible!
Friend Owl: And that ain’t all. It could happen to anyone, so you’d better be careful.
[points at Bambi]
Friend Owl: It could happen to you…
[points at Thumper]
Friend Owl: … or you, or even…
[Flower looks at Owl shyly]
Friend Owl: Yes, it could even happen to you!
Thumper: Well, it’s not gonna happen to me.
Bambi: Me neither.
Flower: Me neither.

Sound familiar?  Probably not any more, huh?  🙂  You’re planning a wedding, and that usually involves a kiss to seal the deal!

Well, now that you’ve found your little bird to flutter around and be the original kind of twitterpated with, maybe you should get the new kind of twitterpated with Something New DJs @SomethingNewDjs!  Follow us on twitter and learn about upcoming public events in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and the surrounding Northeast Ohio area featuring entertainment from Something New Entertainment Disc Jockeys, special promotions, and much more!

The hazards of being a DJ: now “Rockin’ Robin,” is playing in my head…

“Tweet!  Tweet!  Tweedle-dee-deet!”

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