How to Actually Get a Puppy, Plus: the Real Spring Special Offer

Just in case there were any lingering doubts left over from Thursday’s April Fool’s Day entry, I just wanted to clarify that, no, we did not actually give away any puppies (or dogs of any age, or animals of any kind) last week as add-ons to wedding reception Disc Jockey or DJ/lighting services or for any other reason.  That ending sentence about DJ AJ9 freaking out if anybody tried to take her precious pups away way very, very true, however, after last week’s pet and special offer tease, I felt obligated to write to you with a remedy for both of those needs.

First and foremost, your Spring Special: prior to May 1, 2010, book any uplighting package of 8 fixtures or greater for your wedding reception and get 20% off your DJ service.  This offer is open to existing clients, too!  Add uplighting, and we will take 20% off your existing Disc Jockey Entertainment Agreement total!  This offer has no cash value and is subject to availability; first come, first served.  There are limited engagements available for lighting, so please let DJ AJ9 know via e-mail if you are interested as soon as possible.  Don’t worry: expressing interest is not a commitment, just a heads-up to us if we need to acquire additional lights!

Dog #03-138

Secondly, but also very important: how to get a puppy for real.  Doggie DJs Rusty and Lily were both rescued, and they asked that I make sure you know that grown-up doggies are just as loving, loyal, and eager to learn new “tricks” as puppies, plus, they’re more likely to be socialized and potty-trained.  If you are looking for a furry or fluffy friend of your own, there are many, many Akron-area animals hoping for a home.  What better wedding gift to your bride or groom than the gift of unconditional love from a loyal partner AND a loyal pet?  There are a number of great possibilities available to Akron-area prospective pet owners.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

PetFinder is one of the largest resources for pet adoption online and a great place to start your search.  They represent a number of local shelters and rescues, as well as shelters and rescues across the country.  PetFinder’s reach even includes the Summit County Animal Control Department, our county-sponsored facility located at 460 East North Street in Akron, Ohio, and Dog #03-138 (left), a female hound mix.  For more information about Dog #03-138, click her picture (left), visit them online, or call (330) 643-2845.

Akron Water Bill Rabies Flyer 2009

Akron Water Bill Rabies Flyer 2009

For those of you who have pets, already, the City of Akron’s Department of Environmental Health hosts several low-cost vaccination clinics in park locations around the city each summer for both dogs and cats featuring vaccines for rabies, bordatella, parvo, and many other common vaccines, as well as micro-chipping services to help your little buddy find his way home quickly should he ever get lost.  Dates for this year’s clinic have not yet been announced, but keep a lookout in your Water Bill for an index card-sized flyer in May or June (2009 flyer images above), or contact the Department of Environmental Health directly at (330) 375-2405.


City of Akron Pet Clinic services are provided through local shelter and clinic PetGuards, which provides shelter, vaccinations, and clinical visits year-round.  PetGuards has two locations — the shelter at 950 Hardy Road in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and the clinic at 4040 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  For more information on adoptable shelter animals, visit them in person or online or call (330) 849-0634.  For a list of health services and fees or to schedule a visit for your current pet, visit them online or in person or call the clinic at (330) 849-0635.  You can also see adoptable pets on PetFinder, including Spike (right), a one-year-old Shar Pei/Staffordshire Bull Terrier male.  For more information about Spike, click on his picture (right).  Photo credit: PetGuards.


The Humane Society of Greater Akron (at 4904 Quick Road in Peninsula, Ohio) is more than just a shelter, as well.  In addition to pet rescue and adoption services, they also host a variety of activities ranging from rummage sales to poker tournaments and much more with one thing in common: fun!   Since their program is so vast, the best way to find the information you’re looking for about the Humane Society of Greater Akron is to visit their website and check out all of their offerings, then call (330) 657-2010‎ for more information about specific topics.  You can also view their available pets on PetFinder, including Juneau (left), a four-year-old Chow/Husky mix.  Click the picture for more information about Juneau.  Photo Credit: the Humane Society of Greater Akron.


Another one for prospective and current pet-parents alike: One of a Kind Pets with it’s two catty-cornered locations at the intersection of Market and Exchange in West Akron (1699 West Market Street and 1700 West Exchange Street, respectively).  You might have noticed their hot pink signs driving by.  The Market Street location is their shelter, while the Exchange Street location provides low-cost spay and neuter services, as well as a variety of vaccines and other services to pets undergoing a spay or neuter procedure.  You can also view their available pets at PetFinder, including Butterscotch (right), a red and white long-haired cat.  Click on the photo (right) for more information about Butterscotch.  Photo credit: One of a Kind Pets.

But, seriously: how cute are my dogs, huh?  Awwwww.  For more information about how much I love my dogs (or to schedule a consultation to talk about your DJ or up-lighting services for your wedding) contact DJ AJ9 at (330) 253-2900

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