Idea Gallery — Introducing: the Newest STAR in the Something New Entertainment Lighting Effect Universe

BlissLight Starfield and Cloudfield Effect Paired with a Projected Moon.

NOW AVAILABLE: the BlissLight.  Check out the newest star in the Something New Entertainment Disc Jockeys’ lighting effect universe — a breathtaking blue and green laser cloudfield and starfield effect light that harnesses the very same technology used by Disney to create magic at Disneyland’s enchanted Pixie Hollow character attraction.

BlissLight Starfield and Cloudfield Effect Paired with a Projected Galaxy.

Imagine the dancing beneath the stars, without ever leaving your ballroom!  With this romantic atmospheric effect, you can bring the night sky indoors — even during the daytime in many cases — and without the bugs or humidity!  😉

Alone, or paired with other effects, this lighting effect creates a stunning display of dynamic stars and clouds.  Pair it with a projected monogram, moon, or galaxy — maybe with your own shooting star — for a complete ceiling transformation!







Looks gorgeous paired with UpLighting — or on it’s own!  For a rich effect or something more subtle.

Something New Entertainment is proud to bring this unique laser effect to our clients because of it’s whimsical design and use of the more elegant and refined blue and green color scheme versus the more abrasive red of the laser effects we see so often as well as the addition of the cloudfield effect to give the illusion more depth — really distinguishing this unique effect from similar starfield-only effects.  Just another little Something Blue from Something New!

Contact DJ AJ9 today to learn more about adding this effect to your lighting design package.  Hurry!  This effect currently has only very limited availability.


  1. Arfus

    Wow! this looks fabulous!

  2. Maria

    Love this!!!

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