Jackie and Joe

Bride looking classic in her birdcage vail
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

High school sweethearts Jackie and Joe had some very unusual requests for their Sept. 23, 2011 wedding, and that was music to our ears. We love working with clients who want something different from the run-of-the-mill — people who challenge us to work with new music.

Jackie was referred to us by Something White bridal boutique in Independence, whose owner, Karin Kurtz VanCure, hired Something New Entertainment to DJ her wedding in June 2011.

Something White specializes in offbeat, eclectic dresses that tend to have a more vintage and quirky flavor, and brides who want offbeat dresses tend to want offbeat celebrations.

What really struck me about Jackie and Joe was the quiet respect they have for one another. Jackie has this classic kind of beauty even when she’s not all dolled up. The music they picked fit the vibe of their wedding and the two of them perfectly: old country and bluegrass during the cocktail hour, a la Johnny Cash and Hank Williams.

The Bride and Groom sharing a special moment on the Dance Floor
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

The couple — she, a nurse, he, the co-owner of a small auto body shop with his father — married at Conrad Botzum Farmstead in Akron in a rustic, vintage, rough-around-the-edges kind of event. Both Jackie and Joe grew up next door to their grandparents’ farms and would like to have a small farm of their own, so their farmstead choice is most certainly fitting.

The two of them love music. Joe comes from a musical family and has been in one band or another for most of their relationship. These two put a lot of time into picking their music, and we could tell.

For her entrance, Jackie chose “At Last” by Etta James. “Every bride deserves a little drama with her entrance, and Etta James definitely knew how to lay it down, what more can I say?” Jackie told us of her choice. (Justin and I actually considered this song for our own first dance!)

For the bride and groom’s recessional, they chose Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell,” which is not a traditional choice, but certainly a match for Jackie and Joe. The song is about two teenage sweethearts, plus they wanted something to which they could dance.

Jackie and Joe recessing down the aisle to “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography


For the seating of the mothers, they requested “Story of My Life” by Marty Robbins — a song that was particularly meaningful for Jackie and Joe because it really does tell the story of their relationship: They were mad about one another in high school, broke each other’s hearts in college and rediscovered each other again, she explained. “We knew we would have to have it as part of the ceremony,” she said.

The two chose “Whatcha Say?” by The Kaisers for the grand entrance, a high-energy song that set the mood for a high-energy evening.

Jackie and Joe making their Grand Entrance
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

Jackie and Joe making their Grand Entrance to “Whatcha Say” By The Kaisers
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography









For their first dance as husband and wife, they selected “January Wedding” by The Avett Brothers, a band Joe introduced Jackie to in college. Both have been big fans of their music ever since.

The Bride and Groom’s first dance to The Avett Brother’s “January Wedding”
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

Jackie wanted a song for her father-daughter dance that was heartfelt without being cheesy, and she chose “Gracie” by Ben Folds Five. Plus, the first line made her laugh, which helped to keep her from crying during such an emotional moment.

Joe chose “Mom and Dad’s Waltz” by Lefty Frizzel for his mother-son dance song because he loves real country music and honky-tonk and liked that it’s a simple, sweet song.

The Bride and Groom speaking with their guests
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

Justin was Jackie and Joe’s lead DJ and Chris was their assistant. Something New Entertainment also put periwinkle uplighting inside the barn and dance floor lighting.
Jackie and Joe’s wedding is real proof that do-it-yourself wedding touches can make a difference: They created an eye-catching array of handmade items, which, by the way, she says she loves, not only because they saved money but because they cherish the memories of sitting together, surrounded by construction paper scraps and their finished projects.

Hand-painted window pane
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

“And” sign at the head table
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography








Their creations included: beautiful old-style press programs, hand-painted fruit boxes labeled with their last names and an “and” sign that hung suspended between their chairs. They used vintage teacups as votives, old medicine bottles as vases and antique mason jars filled with flowers.

Old-style press programs
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

Hand-painted fruit boxes
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography








Other vendors at Jackie and Joe’s wedding were incredible. Of course, there was Something White, which Jackie said was incredibly patient and attentive, helping her to combine a lace top she kept coming back to with a skirt from a different gown. Her gown is from Caroline DeVillo’s I.D. Collection.

The Bride singing along to the music
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

There was also Genevieve Nisly Photography, a husband-and-wife team whom my husband and I actually hired ourselves to take newborn portraits of our budding DJ. 🙂 Put simply, the way they see things is different and beautiful.

Jackie showing off her moves to the guests
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

Dancing the night away
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

Flamin’ Pigs served up a whole pig roast and a barbecue menu alongside it, and A Bit of New York Bakery in Hinckley created a table of delicious desserts, from assorted miniature tarts and cheesecakes to the cake, a chocolate sour cream with raspberry pastry crème. Scrumptious and gorgeous, too, decorated with flowers and yellow buttercream in a cute ruffle-like design. Adorably, Jackie and Joe used her parents’ cake topper from their wedding in 1978!



Bluegrass (Jimmy Martin, Del McCoury)

Old country (Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Horton)



“Hokey Pokey”

“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix a Lot

“Apple Bottom Jeans” by Flo Rida

“Get Low” by Lil John and East Side Boys

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” by ACDC

The rustic barn where the reception was held
Photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography



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