New Staff Member Spotlight: DJ AJ10 — Now Booking for the 2027-2028 Season!

DJ AJ10 with Mom (DJ AJ9). Photo by Heidzilla of Heidzillas.

We are pleased and proud to announce another “Something New” for your entertainment needs: please welcome our newest staff member!  DJ Jasper “AJ10” Herman joined the  Something New Entertainment family on March 20, 2012.

We are now accepting bookings for the 2027-2028 season with requests for DJ AJ10.  Now is the perfect time to secure a Disc Jockey for your toddler’s Sweet Sixteen party, a milestone anniversary, or an upcoming wedding with an extended engagement!

DJ AJ10 favors a unique blend of modern music on the cutting edge of calm (including new age, whale sounds, light classical, white noise, and the Ison Sleep System) sure to be perfect for naptime or meditation at your event.

TODAY, ONLY, we will be offering our 2012 rates for qualifying* 2027-2028 bookings.  Hurry — all reservations are first come, first served, and this offer will not be extended!

Special thanks to the Heidzilla, herself, of Heidzillas for the promotional photo, above.

*For more details, contact us by phone at 330-253-2900, or visit AJ10’s video demo.


  1. Arfus

    Only Jasper could pull me in to that!

  2. heidzilla

    WeeZilla will keep DJ AJ10 in mind for her sweet 16 😀 Congrats again!!!

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