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Welcome to the Something New Entertainment Official Preferred Event Designers List

Melyssa's handmade bridal bouquet.  Photo by Kayla Westfall of Full Bloom Photography.

Melyssa’s handmade bridal bouquet. Photo by Kayla Westfall of Full Bloom Photography.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” – John Lennon


Associations between sweet-smelling, beautiful flowers and romantic love have existed in many cultures throughout history.  The tradition of the bride’s bouquet, too, shares a diverse history of celebrating new life, love, and fertility as well as to ward off evil spirits.


Whether you’re looking for a simple bridal bouquet or an elaborate tablescape, brides and grooms enjoy a wide variety of options from floral designers and decor specialists around AKron, Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown.


Below are the local florists and designers who have earned the title “Pros We Love.”


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Scott Sella Blog Interview  |  Every Blooming Thing Website

Fun Fact: Owner Scott Sella’s diverse Fine Art Background makes him the sort of outside-the-box designer who’s not afraid to use nontraditional materials like feathers, crystals, and even vegetables.  Most of his work is romantic and classic, though — depends on the style of the bride or groom!




Neil Leeson Blog Interview  |  Neil Leeson Decor Floral Website  |  Be Seated Chair Rental Website

Fun Fact: Neil Leeson’s singularly sleek, modern style has earned him work on weddings for top names in the NFL and NBA!

Companies appearing on this list have NOT paid a fee for listing, and paid listings are not available for purchase.  Rather, each company listed has EARNED the right to call themselves Friends of Something New Entertainment as a right of the combination of their talent AND excellence in service.  We recommend them without reservation for their professionalism and excellence in their craft, and some of them even have featurette articles or interviews on our blog!

We would love the opportunity to work with each of them, again, and we know you will enjoy working with them, as well, and be delighted by their work.  Please pass on our well-wishes for their continued success!

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