Pump Up the Jam(berry)!


A few weeks ago, friend/a former client/colleague (the lovely and talented Mrs. Leslianne Love Lake) asked me if I would be willing to write a review of Jamberry Nail Wraps.  I don’t do “sponsored posts,” here, but I was really, really curious, so I said “yes,” and LA sent me a complimentary half sheet to test out.

They have a lot of really pretty, wedding-worthy designs, and I wondered if this was something that would appeal to my clients.  So many of my gals pin adorable nail art tutorials to their wedding Pinterest boards, but I can’t think of anything more stressful than trying to draw tiny lines on my nails the morning of my wedding.  Jamberry has dozens of super-cute styles to mix and match, some elegant and some wild, and you know I love to personalize, personalize, personalize!  Jamberry even has a Nail Art Studio where you can design your own wraps.  I found this especially intriguing.

I had seen a few people with Jamberry Nail Wraps, but, to be perfectly honest, I kiiiiiiinda wasn’t “buying” this whole claim that they’re SO easy to apply and remove yet somehow SO durable — they claim up to 2 weeks on hands and even longer on toes! Say what?!   That’s significantly better than polish, but… how could something possibly be both?  Think about it: easy-to-remove yet stays on a long time?  That makes 100% no sense, amirite?

Well — after spending some time with my very own “Jamicure,” I’m befuddledly pleased to report that the hype is true!  They really are easy to apply, they really do come off easily, and they really do hold up well!  Bonus — they’re made of nontoxic materials, and no acetone is needed for removal, only olive oil!  I think the secret is the soft flex of the wraps versus how brittle regular nail polish is.


Plus — be serious: despite the nonsense that Pinterest has filled my head with, there’s no way I (or any human hand) could even dream of handpainting some of these gorgeous styles.  Can you imagine trying to paint these?




Nope.  You can go right ahead and put this level of hand-eye coordination at the top of the list of things that definitely will not happening.

Here’s more about my experience:

I’m an “acrylics” girl.  My natural nails are really thin and break very easily.  In my line of work, that equals pain, suffering, and lots of ugly, so I prefer to have ’em covered up with plastic every couple of weeks.

I wanted to give my Jamicure a worthy competitor, so this time, when I went in for my manicure, I asked for a Gel Polish on 8 of my fingers, leaving the forefingers on each hand unpolished.  Gel Polish is an especially durable type of nail polish that is cured under a UV light after each coat.


Like Jamberry Nail Wraps, most Gel Polish manufactures claim that their polish will last for up to 2 weeks with no chips.  I chose my forefingers, because I wanted to make sure the Jamberried nails got to see some “action,” and I know from extensive previous study that my forefingers and thumbs always chip first!

"Hot Mess"

“Hot Mess”

Once I got home, I applied my wraps (I used the Official Jamberry Application Video as my guide).  It wasn’t “easy,” but I sure wouldn’t call it “difficult,” either.  P.S. — this style is called “Hot Mess.”

After 10 days of SERIOUS abuse (I am not known for being gentle on my hands — we’re talking about multiple days of banging around speakers and playing in the sandbox with my little boy), I finally got my first chips — one on my left Jamberry nail, and — coincidentally — one on my right thumb (gel polish).

In both methods’ defense, though, I was trying to chain two keyring-type rings together, at the time, and I can’t think of something harder on my nails.  Both methods actually came through the normal, hands-on, labor-intensive parts of my life with flying colors!  Jamberry’s colors were just still so much more vibrant than the gel polish.

After 10 days, I could see differences in color in the gel polish — it had started to yellow a little, at the tips and was generally just not as shiny, all over (I assume from the topcoat “wearing out?”).  The Jamberries, though, were still just as bright and shiny as the day I applied them.  The cell phone photos really don’t do them justice, so reference the stock photo to the right for a look at what this particular wrap *really* looks like.  There’s also a gallery on the style page, if you search for its name on the Jamberry site.

Bottom line: if you have an interest in cute nail art and want to shake things up outside the box, these are definitely worth a try, at least.  They’re inexpensive, too.  For ~$15, you get enough wraps for 2-3 long-lasting manicures that would honestly be impossible to paint by hand.

You can only buy Jamberries through a consultant (Leslianne is my girl!), but now through August 31, 2014, you can actually join my virtual Jamberry party online.  Don’t worry — you can wear your pajamas.  😉

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