Real Bride Interview: Michelle + Erik — June 5th, 2010, Lake Forest CC

Catch a glimpse behind the scenes of a Something New Bride’s Wedding in this interview with real-life Something New Bride Michelle Horton!  Special thanks to Life’s Moments Photography for allowing us to share some of the special moments of Michelle and Erik’s day in photographic form!  Thanks, Steve!

DJ Missy P., Erik and Michelle Horton, and DJ Justin

Justin, Missy, Anna-

We can’t thank you all enough for such a wonderful time at our wedding! We still keep thinking about how much fun it was! We can’t wait to see the video our videographer made because we know that it will bring a smile to our faces!

We want to recommend you to everyone we know, partly to ensure we will have a great time haha and more importantly so they can rest assured that they are getting THE very best.

Justin, I can’t tell you how many compliments/comments I received about how incredibly kind you were and so helpful. Whether it be you offering the wedding party drinks or keeping the party rolling, you ultimately impressed everyone. I can’t thank you enough for everything!

– Michelle

Just Married! Photo by Life's Moments Photography

Something New’s DJ Missy P.: How did you first find out about Something New Entertainment DJ Service?

Michelle Horton: Being the crazy dancers that we are, we just so happen to win the Battle of the Grooms dancing contest at the Today’s Bride bridal show in Akron at the Sheraton and won a fabulous gift bag from Something New.  We went over to talk to Anna and Justin and just felt like they really cared about their clients and they just let off a great vibe.

SNE: What made Something New DJs stand out as the right choice for your wedding ceremony accompaniment and wedding reception disc jockey service/master of ceremonies (DJ/MC)?

Michelle: We saw that they were real people who viewed us the same way. They were always very concerned with our concerns and made us feel like they not only knew what they were doing but they also ENJOYED what they were doing. We knew this would show through on our big day…. I knew as soon as we walked in with our introduction song [(I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas)] that it was really “GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT”!

Dancing! Photo by Life's Moments Photography

I can honestly say I have never seen a dance floor so packed at a wedding and I believe that is not only because my friends and family are awesome but because Missy and Justin from Something New Entertainment really brought their A game and made the night a true hit. I may be biased but I’ve never had so much fun at a wedding.

Everyone says “You don’t even get to have much fun at your wedding because your running around all night” well all I can say is “ I feel sorry for those people because I could not have asked for a more fun time!!”

SNE: We hear all kinds of worries from concerned brides looking to choose the right DJ, and it seems like hiring a DJ can sometimes be a frightful process!  When you first started planning your wedding, what were some of your biggest fears and DJ nightmares?

Michelle: Dancing is a BIG part of my family so my biggest fear was not being able to find a DJ that was in our price range but still does a great job keeping the party going. I’ve been to way too many weddings where there were only a few people on the dance floor and knew I didn’t want ours to be that way.  We were also concerned that the DJ would possibly run the show without taking what we wanted into consideration.

SNE:  What were the most important factors in choosing your DJ?

Michelle: Price was really important to us because we were paying for everything on our own. However, we didn’t want to be stuck with people telling us “you get what you pay for.”  We wanted someone who was willing to take our ideas and expand upon them.

Michelle and Erik's beautiful indoor ceremony Photo by Life's Moments Photography

Michelle and Eric's ceremony at Lake Forest CC Photo by Life's Moments Photography

SNE: We thought it might hold out, but unfortunately, it rained and your ceremony could not be outside as originally planned.  Was it disconcerting to make other arrangements on the fly?

Michelle: I believe Justin and Missy did great organizing and getting everything flowing to accommodate the change.

SNE: You and Erik requested to hear Maniac by Michael Sembello from Flashdance and went absolutely crazy on the dance floor when we played it — what’s the special significance of this song to the two of you?

Michelle: Erik and I are BIG goof balls and we like to dance silly and have fun. At his brothers wedding… the song came on and we apparently felt it from our feet to the top of our heads and fingers (haha) and just went crazy. We had people cheering for us and taking pictures and brought a light feeling… into the room… Every time after that night, when we hear the song we go nuts haha!  When one of us [is] upset, all you have to do is start singing that song and we are popped back into reality.

Come on, ride the train! Michelle is the engine! Photo by Life's Memories Photography

The Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper, Michelle's favorite! Photo by Life's Memories Photography

SNE: We saw you really rocking out for most of your reception.  Tell us: which did you enjoy more, leading the train in Come on Ride the Train or dancing to the Cha Cha Slide?

Michelle: I LOOOVE any type of line dancing so I have to say the Cha Cha Slide was my favorite! I like that everyone does the same moves (for the most part) and everyone has fun!

Michelle wearing Maggie Sottero's Monalisa Royale Photo by Life's Moments Photography

SNE: You were wearing a pretty fantastic gown with an equally gorgeous headpiece. Who designed those?

Michelle: My dress was the Monalisa Royale, Maggie Sottero gown… I felt like an absolute princess in it! The veil was borrowed from my sister and was a Jessica McClintock veil. I got a beautiful hair piece to wear when I wanted to let down and have some fun and that was purchased in Akron at Coming Attractions.

SNE: Did you fall in love with the first dress you tried on or was it a perilous journey to find “the perfect dress?”

Michelle: I was certain I found “THE DRESS” about 10 times haha.

When I first put on the one I actually got I thought.. hmm not so much. After about an hour of me still having on the dress I thought okay I must really like something about it because I haven’t gotten out of it yet.

I can say I never really got stressed over any of the dress shopping experiences because I always found one that was perfect I just couldn’t fully commit.

I am lucky my best friend loves me so much and was willing to go anywhere and everywhere with me until I was certain I had “THE ONE”. I ordered my dress so far in advance that I almost changed my mind because I had forgotten what it looked like. It was tough because I had to guess what size I needed and pray that I liked the White one I ordered because I only was able to see it in Ivory.

When I walked into my first fitting, tears came to my eyes and I knew I made the right choice!

SNE: Your flowers were also really beautiful. What was your inspiration? Tell me about your process of working with them.

Michelle: I actually did the flowers myself along with help from my bridesmaids. We went to JoAnn Fabrics on numerous occasions for hours at a time but in the end it was less then a week before my wedding when we finally got everything we needed..and the day before until we had it all actually put together! But boy it was fun and memories in the making! I knew I really wanted something bright and my only requirement for flowers was I had to have hydrangeas because I think they are so elegantly classic yet pretty!

Aww. Aren't they sweet? You'd never suspect... Photo by Life's Moments Photography

...what happens next! Well - they're still SWEET! Photo by Life's Moments Photography

SNE: You had a really classic cake (and we know you had a great time cutting it, LOL). Which bakery created it for you, and what flavor(s) did you choose?

Michelle: We knew to look no further than good ole Giant Eagle! We love their cake and get it quite often… We gave them a picture of what we wanted and they told us what they could do.  We had a 3 tier cake so we had a full cake layer of white cake and 2 of chocolate with the butter cream frosting.  It was delicious and we were happy with our decision.  We def did love smooshing it in each others faces!

SNE:  How did having your ceremony followed directly by your reception work out without the traditional cocktail hour photo sessions?

Michelle: Looking back, we did not like having the ceremony lead right into the reception. We didn’t get to get enough pictures and we even had to see each other before the ceremony so that we could get pictures. We felt really rushed around (which could have to do with the weather we saw coming in) but we just really wish we had more time to breathe and relax. It was convenient for our guests which was important for us, but we needed to think about ourselves too since it was our big day.

SNE: How did you and Erik first meet and what made him the “keeper?”

Michelle: Erik and I met at Kent State University. We had a speech class together and apparently I impressed him with my introduction speech because he went home and Facebooked me.

Now this was at the beginning of Facebook days and I couldn’t figure out who this kid “befriending” me on Facebook was. He mentioned we had a class together and while I was a little leary of him we talked and ended up hanging out.

He felt our friendship was blossoming into something more, however I wasn’t convinced and went my own way. After not talking much for about a year, Erik expressed to me that he missed me and couldn’t go out with anyone else because he always thought of me. I thought wow maybe I’m missing something and I realized I was ready for a nice, caring, kind person.

We started dating and I knew that I would never find anyone else who was as great, loving, and fun to be with! The rest is history!

SNE: Dish: tell us about the proposal!

Michelle: Well, about 6 months in I knew that I wanted to marry Erik and build our lives together. We were inseparable and just perfect for each other.

He knew it too, but was too broke to buy a ring haha. I liked to sing “Put a ring on it” [from Single Ladies by Beyonce] to him all the time and hint at it every chance I got. I even would drag him to the jewelry stores and try on rings to show him.

Then, as cliché as it is, Erik bought a ring and had everything set to propose on Valentines day 2009 while we were out at dinner.

Me, being the weirdo that I am thought it would be great to eat at my favorite resturant Don Pablos..forget it being Valentines Day and not romantic I just wanted to go there.  Erik started to panic and realized he was NOT proposing at a Mexican resturant so he decided to do it right at home in our living room.

We decided to exchange presents before dinner and he gave me some chocolate and a stuffed animal. I was quite disappointed because I had a feeling it was coming yet it didn’t appear that way. He handed me a cute mushy card and at the end was “Now I have one more surprise..look up..” and it was then that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I thought it was a joke until he said “look: it’s even the ring you asked for!” haha. I knew I had no doubts in my mind and I was one LUCKY girl!

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