Something New Entertainment named one of the best DJs on the Fox 8 Akron-Canton HOT LIST!

Check Something New Entertainment out on the HOT LIST!

The masses have spoken, and I’m happy to announce that Something New Entertainment has been named one of the top five best DJs on the Akron-Canton HOT LIST!  Second place –hey — not too shabby for the underdog!  We’re small, but our excellent record of client satisfaction obviously won out over our size.

We were narrowly bested by a larger entertainment company that has been on the Fox 8’s Akron-Canton HOT LIST for disc jockeys for much longer than us. At the time that standings were hidden, we trailed them by a only a single percentage point, and since I know several of you who indeed voted after that point, we know  that the DJ competition must have remained very close up until the end! From where I stand, I’ve got to tell you: it’s a tremendous accomplishment!  We are so moved by the loyalty of our past clients, fans, and wedding vendor colleagues.

Looking over the results of this contest, I see representatives of several very, very different styles of DJing, and I can see why each of us has risen to the top of our category, appealing to the select needs of a certain niche of the market.  We look forward to continued excellence, and we feel so privileged to work in a market where we have so many very worthy competitors such as these, since it means that each bride has the opportunity to select a DJ company that best suits her needs and her personality.

Something New’s unique mix of interdisciplinary studies in live music and theatrical sound and lighting tech/design and computer engineering paired with a deep belief in the power of music as a driving force and the importance of having a DJ who is personally available to you for consult prior to your event has certainly set us apart in the market as a champion pioneer for comprehensive customer service.  In addition, we believe that our equal opportunity employment practice of encouraging all DJs (including female DJs such as myself) to excel through the same opportunities has afforded us a broader perspective to continually assist our clients in crystallizing their goals for their wedding ceremonies and receptions both musically and through our coordination efforts.

A special congratulations to all nominees, especially the folks at Hats Off Entertainment (1st Place), as well as to the DJ Crew (3rd Place), Beach Boyz Entertainment (4th Place), and DJ Larry’s All-Occasion Sound (5th Place).  Good show!

To each and every one of you readers out there, and to your friends, family, and coworkers: thanks for voting.  Your support made this possible!

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