The Boutique Bridal Bazaar 2015 Ticket Giveaway Winner — Plus: Getting Crafty with the Something New Entertainment Sign

We’ve been hard at work, this week, on new sign for our BBB Booth!  Special thanks to Associate DJ Devin and to synHAK, the Akron MakerSpace, for help using the new CNC Router to bring Kate Moore Creative’s logo design into the third dimension.



Here’s a little glimpse into our construction process:

I (Anna-Jeannine) first conceived the booth design after thinking about the meaning of the word “boutique” as inspired by fashion shop design.  I penned a sketch of the full layout, including a new hanging centerpiece — a boutique-styled suspended sign based on our logo.CutBlack

Next, I created a vector-based representation of the sign, Devin converted it to beveled paths to cut with the router, and Justin helped set up the software to drive the routing program.


Then — the routing began.  Isn’t this an exciting use of technology?!?!?!?  I can’t believe that it’s possible to even DO this!

synHAK's CNC Router Carves the Beveled Something New Entertainment Sign Design.

synHAK’s CNC Router Carves the Beveled Something New Entertainment Sign Design.


Once the routing was complete, painting begain, including a faux finish on the face of the sign — this part is VERY low-tech. 😉

Painting of the Something New Entetainment Sign Begins, Courtesy of DJ AJ9.

Painting of the Something New Entetainment Sign Begins, Courtesy of DJ AJ9.


The finished sign will feature a gorgeous wrought iron frame (thanks, Devin, for your help cutting, and Justin, for your help welding) as well as bent wire accents to form the delicate curlicues which frame our logo design.

Want to see the finished project?  Come visit our booth, adjacent to the BBB Fashion Show Stage in the epicenter of the Higbee Building’s beautiful Silver Grille, this Sunday!

Speaking of which… thanks to everyone who entered the Something New Entertainment 2015 Boutique Bridal Bazaar Ticket Giveaway (you can click that link to learn about all the fabulousness this event has in store for you). Tickets are still available, at the time of publish, but I’m told they’re going fast, so make a reservation, as they well may not have availability, at the door, this year.

Congratulations to our ticket giveaway winner, Kim, who entered on behalf of her son and daughter-in-law.  She correctly answered two trivia questions about the BBB and also told us about how boutique wedding professionals could make a difference to their celebration:

When and where was the very first Boutique Bridal Bazaar held?
Sunday, January 29, 2011 at the Dredger’s Union

Which Boutique Bridal Bazaar Founder is a former Something New Entertainment Bride?
Karin Kurtz-VanCure of Something White Bridal Boutique

How can “boutique” wedding professionals make a difference to *your* wedding?

This is for my son’s wedding.
He is serving in Kuwait and his wife is serving in the Navy in California. They want an intimate, atypical backyard celebration when he gets back from deployment this summer. I just want to make this a beautiful celebration for them!

Sounds like it will be a unique and special wedding for a very deserving pair of service people and like the wedding professionals at the BBB will be a great matc for their atypical, intimate celebration.  We look forward to seeing you at the show, Kim, and please pass on our thanks for their service to your son and future daughter-in-law!

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