Vendors We Adore: Cassandra Fear of Fear’s Confections

Photo by Bob Perkoski.

Photo by Bob Perkoski. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This year, I got you a hot lead on a sweet shoppe that’s really something extra-special!  I first met Cassandra Fear of Fear’s Confections while serving as the DJ and MC for the 2014 Boutique Bridal Bazaar.  I’m particularly proud to introduce her to you, today, because of her passion for using “pronounceable things” in her recipes.  I really do love that philosophy.

I first hit it off because of her infectious smile, sharp wit, killer geek-chic style, and shared fascination with skull-themed and vintage design (the perfect combo for her absolutely adorable last-name-themed branding design) PLUS she always seems to be surrounded by chocolate (I will not insult you by denying that this is an extremely pleasant perk of our acquaintance).

When I found out she was going to be our “neighbor” at this year’s Boutique Bridal Bazaar, I was so excited that I sent her a message geeking out about how much I admire her.  Yep — the Vendors We Adore series is really just the professional equivalent of fangirling, let’s be honest, here.



Photo by Bob Perkoski.



I wasn’t the only person she impressed, last year, either.  Oh, no — nopie, nope, nope.  In fact — she’s kind of a big deal, these days.

The shop is frequently visited by local burlesque sensation — Ohio Burlesque Festival‘s lovely and talented Bella Sin (who sometimes comes dressed as characters ranging from Carmen Sandiego to Hermione Granger to a sexy Ghostbuster, etc. — fun times!!!).  You can also catch Bella in a burlesque review, this week, at the Sweetheart Showcase on Valentine’s Day.

Cassandra’s been noticed for her contributions to our community by the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, Bad Girl Ventures, and our friends at the Cleveland Flea, too.  She’s also been a darling of the local news circuit, including features on WKYC Channel 3, on WERE News Talk 1490 AM, on Fox 8, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in Cleveland Scene Magazine, and on over the past 12 months.



Perhaps most impressive to me, though, is the notice she earned by a longtime Food Network star


In November, she was visited by chef/food scientist, Alton Brown.


After the visit, he added her to his list of favorite places he visited on the 2014 AB Road Eats Tour.



They’re still accepting orders for Valentine’s Day, where they’re offering a variety of treats with a variety of tastes:


Center Photo by Bob Perkoski..



Whether you’re a happy couple, a single with a sense of humor, or just someone willing to admit that they love sweets and don’t need a holiday excuse to indulge — there’s a little something for everybody, here!


Fear’s Confections is also competing on the Fox 8 Hot List in the dessert category… if you wanted to vote for them or any of the other Vendors We Adore, on there.

Ok — on with the interview!!!


Photo by Bob Perkoski.


Fear’s Confections ~ where our sweets are to die for!

Something New Entertainment’s Anna-Jeannine “DJ AJ9” Herman, Wedding Entertainment Director®: What first interested you in creating confections?
Fears’ Confections’ Cassandra Fear: I was a food network junkie and in 2009, after being laid off from my engineering job, I was inspired by a feature about an in-home brownie business.

DJ AJ9: How long have you been creating confections for weddings?
Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: About 3 years.  We started with a wedding for a friend to test the waters and have since done a handful of others.



DJ AJ9: What’s the difference between your shop and a candy store or bakery?
Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: We specialize in small batch, from scratch confections. We don’t mass produce anything and keep the ingredients simple and as wholesome as we can.





DJ AJ9: What do you enjoy most about creating confections for wedding clients?
Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: I like that, because we are so small, we are able to make things up as we go and customize to meet the bride’s needs. We can handle anything from our formal, traditional boxes of caramels, to our geek line for your more modern, quirky events.



Photo by Bob Perkoski.



DJ AJ9: What is the most important consideration couples should make when choosing a sweet shop for their wedding?

Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: I know how important pricing is to a lot of brides. We kept our wedding budget very low ourselves (before I started making candy) and had little organza bags of M&Ms, which we filled ourselves, and still cost nearly $300. To this day I wish I had done something better for my money – sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get even less.


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DJ AJ9: What kinds of confections do you offer, and what is the process for choosing flavors and designs of sweets with Fears’ Confections?
Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: Our most popular item for favors is our caramels, which you can order alone for dessert displays or if you are supplying your own packaging, or we can help customize packaging for your special day (and budget). With the growing popularity of our “Geek Line” of Star Wars, Doctor Who, and other specialty chocolates, we have been getting a lot of quote requests for upcoming events in 2015-2016.


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DJ AJ9: Do you do custom design work? 
Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: Our custom work is limited at this point due to the handmade nature of our products, but we do our best to accommodate customer requests when possible.

DJ AJ9: What’s the question I’m not asking you but you wish I would, or What’s the question that clients usually don’t ask you but you wish they would?
Fear’s Confections’ Cassandra Fear: I can’t think of anything – I guess…. to let people know we do bachelor/bachelorette chocolates, but do not openly advertise 😉


Photo by Bob Perkoski.


FCCaramelAbout Cassandra Fear and Fear’s Confections: I embarked upon the first leg of the journey that is Fear’s Confections just over four years ago, in March of 2010, as a home-based mail order and catering business. With growing demand, our small home kitchen was quickly overrun with candy and brownies piled onto every flat surface. On August 4th 2013, Fear’s Confections made the leap to an out-of-home production and retail space. This progression allowed for the expansion of product lines and better service for our local customers. In October of 2014, we moved our storefront to a permanent location on Madison Avenue in Lakewood. In addition to this store front, our products are also available online.

A wide variety of handmade chocolates are also available. Caramels, toffees, truffles, and pecan turtles are just a small sampling of what we create. All of the products offered are made in small batches using the freshest possible ingredients with no additional preservatives giving them a truly homemade essence. My products as well as my store reflect my rockabilly personality through a clearly vintage feel, with a splash of modern edge. Everything is made by hand with the care most expect to have been long forgotten by today’s mass produced disposable society.



  1. Robin

    You talked a lot about her candies, and rightfully so, but don’t short change her awesome, decadent brownies!Yummmmmy!!!

    1. DJ AJ9

      I haven’t had the opportunity to try the brownies, Robin, but — with Valentine’s Day right around the corner — I knew it would be a particularly nice time to introduce some folks to the candies, particularly with my ties to the geek/sci-fi scene. Thanks for your recommendation!

  2. Joannae

    Yes! Definitely the Bestest Brownies but I have to say the Sponge Candy …. OH MY! Truly a clean & yummy taste in everything she makes!

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