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In the lineup of an event day, if we ever see the makeup artists we work with, it’s usually not until weeks or months after an event — once the photographs of the day have been released by the photographer.  The reason is simple: we’re often working at the same time in two different places!  While they are working with the bride to get ready for the day in a home, hotel, or church, we are usually loading DJ and/or lighting design equipment in or out of a van in a different location.  As a result, we became familiar with Maggie Kleinman of MKleinman Artistry‘s work long before we ever met her, in person!

We first met Maggie in person in association with the very first Handpicked event (pictured, above) back in 2013.  She also joined us for the second Handpicked event (pictured, below) in 2014, and for the last couple of Boutique Bridal Bazaar events.  She’ll also be with us at the upcoming JStyle Weddings Event at the Metropolitan at the 9.  Maggie will be featured in the bridal ready room and will be offering complimentary makeup application demonstrations.  Click through to the main article about the JStyle Weddings event to learn more about scheduling your complimentary consultation and how to get complimentary tickets from Something New Entertainment!

Maggie Kleinman of MKleinman Artistry Demoing Makeup Technique During the 2014 Handpicked Event.  Photo by Studio Elle Photography.

Maggie Kleinman of MKleinman Artistry Demoing Makeup Technique During the 2014 Handpicked Event. Photo by Studio Elle Photography.


We like Maggie — not just because she helps people look their very best on their wedding days (though that’s a perfectly good-enough reason, alone) — but because the pampering glow of her careful attention helps them really feel their best, too.  Maggie is very talented at what she does, and it’s isn’t “just makeup.”  As you know, if you’re one of my longtime readers, I’m a BIG believer that it takes so much more than technical skill to be an excellent wedding professional.  Her calming presence and great sense of humor help bring a wedding-day morning into focus…

…which is what’s earned her a spot at the very first MUA — that’s industry jargon for “Make Up Artist!” 😉 — on our Vendors We Adore list.  Read on for more information about MKleinman Artistry from the MUA, herself, the lovely and talented Miss Maggie Kleinman.


MKleinmann Artistry's 2015 Boutique Bridal Bazaar Booth.

MKleinmann Artistry’s 2015 Boutique Bridal Bazaar Booth.


Something New Entertainment’s DJ Anna-Jeannine “AJ9” Herman: What first interested you in
makeup artistry for weddings or [insert term you prefer, here])?
MKleinman Artistry’s Maggie Kleinman: I started painting at a young age, which sort of put me in the right creative mind set for makeup artistry. My grandmother also sold Mary Kay when I was just starting to experiment with makeup, and would give me her samples and I just sort of taught myself. So with the art background plus grandmas makeup..everything just fell into place. I was very fortunate to know that I loved makeup and wanted to make it my career as soon as I left high school. From there, I did some freelance work for companies such as Bobbi Brown, Shu Umura, Laura Mercier, Smashbox and MAC Cosmetics before accepting a position with MAC. I worked with MAC for 5 years before starting my business independently. My passion for wedding makeup came later in my career at MAC when people started approaching me asking if I would do makeup for their weddings. I figured I’d give it a shot and I soon discovered it was one of my favorite types of makeup to do. There really is no better feeling than making someone feel their absolute best on their wedding day.

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Photo by Lauren Gabrielle Photography.




DJ AJ9: How long have you worked in the beauty industry?
Maggie Kleinman: 9 years.




DJ AJ9: How would you describe your esthetic style?
Maggie Kleinman: My style ranges from classic to edgy. I enjoy the trendy bride who also has a classic edge to her.





DJ AJ9: What do you enjoy most about being a mobile makeup artist?
Maggie Kleinman: I love being a mobile service because of the convenience factor for my clients. It seems that now more than ever people enjoy the fact that they don’t have to leave their home/hotel/wherever they are getting ready the morning of their wedding/other event to get all done up. I also love the change of scenery and meeting new people, so being mobile allows me to never get bored!

Photo by ...

Photo by Linczak Photography.





DJ AJ9: How should a bride decide how much help their bridal party needs with makeup?
Maggie Kleinman: I always stress to Brides that after the big day is over, the only thing they really have to visually remember the day by is their photographs. I am partial to having the entire bridal parties makeup done, just so everyone looks their best in photos. This also provides a more uniform look for the bridal party. The Bride should always consider a professional makeup application. After all, it is the one day in a bride’s life that she should feel pampered and the most beautiful!

Photo by ...

Photo by Arielle Doneson Photography.


DJ AJ9: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring a makeup artist for their wedding?
Maggie Kleinman: The bride typically has more to do with this than the groom, but from a couple’s standpoint, remembering to budget properly for a makeup artist is something that people typically forget. Take into consideration your budget and if you are going to pay for your bridal parties makeup as a gift, or have them pay for it themselves. If you have them pay for it themselves, it can be an easy way to cut costs from your wedding budget.





DJ AJ9: What’s the biggest misconception you think other vendors might have about makeup artists?
Maggie Kleinman: The biggest misconception other vendors may have about makeup artists is that we may not be necessary. I think I have changed some minds when I have done styled shoots with other vendors. They seem to realize the value of my services and how much better the photos of their work turn out once the Bride’s makeup is done.

Photo by Lindsey Beckwith Photography.

Photo by Lindsey Beckwith Photography.


DJ AJ9: What’s the biggest misconception you think couples might have about makeup artists?
Maggie Kleinman: Again, that we may not be necessary. Some couples may not budget for a makeup artist because they both figure that the Bride does her makeup on a daily basis, so why on the wedding day does she need it done? The answer is simple, photographs! Professional Makeup artists are trained to know what type of makeup will last through an entire day of celebration and night of dancing, plus what will look best on camera. When you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day, remember that you are paying for their product knowledge, knowledge of what will suit their coloring, face/eye shape, and convenience of on location services among various other things.

Photo by Spencer Photography.

Photo by Spencer Photography.


DJ AJ9: What’s your favorite new trend or tried-and-true technique in makeup design/color/application/etc.?
Maggie Kleinman: I am loving the 2015 color of the year, Marsala. It’s a beautiful hue on every skin tone, as well as a gorgeous pairing with wedding colors like gold, hunter, blush, beige and bordeaux. Sephora has actually put out a product line dedicated to the color, in a partnership with Pantone. The shade is best suited for lips and cheeks.

DJ AJ9: What are some ways that brides can prepare for their wedding day to help ensure better beauty/skin clarity/makeup application?
Maggie Kleinman: Brides can begin up to a year before their wedding with a skincare routine that should include monthly facials or peels depending on their skin type, and always making sure to fully remove their makeup properly by washing their face before bed. A weekly face mask is a must (my favorites are Glam Glow’s mud masks which can be found at Sephora, or for a less expensive alternative for normal/oily skin, Queen Helene’s mint julep mask which can be found at Sally Beauty Supply) Also making sure to apply an eye cream and moisturizer day and night to keep skin hydrated and balanced. To prep for their bridal makeup application, they should always make sure the makeup artist they choose provides a trial run before the wedding day. During a trial it is important to ask lots of questions and have an idea of the type of look you want to achieve for your big day. Pinterest is always a great tool, and I have a board make for my brides to look at during the trial just in case they aren’t sure what they are looking for.

Arielle Doneson Photography.

Photo by Arielle Doneson Photography.


DJ AJ9: What’s the question I’m not asking you but you wish I would, or What’s the question that clients usually don’t ask you but you wish they would?
Maggie Kleinman: What type of couple is your target market? Answer: My best match for a bridal client is the bride who is somewhat makeup savvy, but still low key. I love brides who are both trendy and classic, so mixing the two and updating classic looks to give them a trendy twist is my favorite. I love the bride who is getting married in a rustic/outdoor setting as well as a more industrial chic setting. We usually mesh well 🙂

DJ AJ9: What do you look for in a great DJand/or lighting designer and what are your DJ/lighting designer pet peeves? How can your DJ and lighting design “co-workers” help you, hurt you, or irritate you throughout the day? How can Something New Entertainment do better, or how have we already excelled?
Maggie Kleinman: I don’t know too much about DJ/lighting design, but I would say the vendors knowledge of venues and how to best light each one. I think you always do a beautiful job whenever I’ve seen your work at bridal shows/venues!

Photo by Maggie + Justin Photographers.

Photo by Maggie + Justin Photographers.


About Maggie Kleinman and MKleinman Artistry: MKleinman Artistry is a mobile makeup artistry service with 9 years of experience providing makeup and styling for clients such as Fox News, Rue 21, The James Douglas Studio, Kalman & Pabst, Arhaus, The Cleveland Clinic, Urban Ink Magazine, Fresh Brewed Tees, Alternative Press Magazine and many more.

Maggie’s outgoing personality and passion for what she does are two things that attract people to work with her. She sees each face she touches as a new blank canvas to create on. She has been trained by MAC Cosmetics and has certifications in Makeup application, lessons, and HD makeup.

She has won the Couple’s choice award from Wedding Wire for 2013,14, and 15 for her outstanding work and communication with clients. My most braggable fact would be the time I was Mark Hoppus from Blink182’s makeup artist for the Alternative Press Music awards in 2014.

An interesting and non-business related fact is that She has been a skier since she could walk and loves the snow… perfect for Cleveland!


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