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 Kate Moore of Kate Moore Creative.  Portrait by Jennie Andrews Photography.


I first became aware of Kate Moore of Kate Moore Creative during a trip to visit family in Knoxville, Tennessee.  While I was in town, I met with a couple of colleagues to “talk shop,” and we stopped in to a local wedding-planning boutique.  I picked up a few business cards and other various pieces of promotional literature that I thought were particularly well-designed, and I didn’t think much about it. After I was back home in Akron, I came across them, again, did a little bit of research, and quickly discovered that ALL of these pieces had been designed by Kate Moore of Kate Moore Creative. When we decided earlier this year to make the leap into a new look for our company, Kate was one of the first people I contacted, and — guess what? — we hit it off! Working with Kate was a pleasure — so much so that I want to introduce her to all of you!!!  You can check out the wonderful work she did for us peppered throughout the site as well as in a feature article, last week.  Whether you’re looking for business branding or wedding stationery, you should definitely check out Kate’s work and get to know her!  Here: I’ll make it really easy for you: .


Something New Entertainment’s DJ Anna-Jeannine “AJ9” Herman: What first interested you in graphic design?

Kate Moore of Kate Moore Creative: Growing up in the south, with a deep love of the arts, I knew very early that I had to build my life around it somehow. It all started as early as I can remember with a simple love of crayons. I just loved every different color and all the amazing names. I fell in love with the way Cheetohs left bright orange on all my fingers, and I could make paint with chocolate syrup and melted ice cream. Art had to be a part of my world from there on out. For me, graphic design is the perfect balance of art and organization; it’s playful and it’s perfect for me.

DJ AJ9: How long have you been a graphic designer? How long have you specialized in branding for businesses and weddings?

Kate Moore: I freelanced for years, but didn’t officially open my studio in downtown Knoxville until 2010. I have been focused on branding for several years, and just got into the wedding industry about 5 years ago. Designing wedding suites is a lot like branding a small business (minus the client research and longterm goals of course) in the sense that we are creating a consistent presence throughout each piece that represents the couple and their big day perfectly. From unique business needs to a client’s original personality and style, we create a custom design that is made just for you. I love every second of what I do and all the awesome people I get to work with!


DJ AJ9: How would you describe your design style?

Kate Moore: This may sound strange, but I dont have a style…and all good branding designers shouldn’t. My style is whatever your brand needs. It is you. your business. your wedding. My style is “My Client” with lots of design experience and a clear vision. Im sort of a designer / facilitator / mind reader / magician at times. Its a blast!

DJ AJ9: Why should small business hire you for branding?

Kate Moore: Well, I am simply passionate about design. KMC develops smart visual identities that are totally custom and unique for your business. Whatever your style, whatever your goal, KMC has you covered. To have confidence in your brand’s message and visual appearance in necessary and empowering, and I want to help you improve on that. My desire is to create an identity that you LOVE, that you just cant get enough of, and that your ideal clients LOVE EVEN MORE. To thrive on what you are made to do is exciting, and I want to help you improve the journey as you LIVE OUT YOUR PASSION. Afterall, that’s what Im doing too. .


DJ AJ9: What do you enjoy most about being a graphic artist that designs stationery for weddings?

Kate Moore: I LOVE it all…from initial meetings, to creation, to big hugs at the close of a project; I love developing ongoing relationships with our clients where the work can truly have a personal touch. After all, if it is personal to you, it should be to me too, right? I enjoy every aspect of my work, and my clients are hands-down THE BEST! .


DJ AJ9: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring an event branding stylist or stationery designer for their wedding?

Kate Moore: You’ll want someone you “click with”…someone you can talk to, that listens, and you have complete confidence has your best interest in mind. Designing your wedding suite is so much fun, but only when you’re working with the right person for you! Also be sure to look at their portfolio, and follow up on wedding websites to make sure they have outstanding reviews! .


DJ AJ9: How can a couple get the biggest impact with their stationery design?

Kate Moore: Well the goal is to create the perfect invitation suite that is totally you, so the more details you can give, the better! Talk about your venue, what your decorations are like, your fav colors, and your style, even from how you and your man fell in love to what kind of hobbies you guys enjoy doing together! Every couple has a unique story and style and you want to capture the love and make something one-of-a-kind. It’s also important because invitations are just the beginning…it helps your attendees know what kind of event to expect, and the design and style can be carried through the entire event to create a cohesive pulled-together look! From invitations and reception signs, to favor tags,thank you notes, and in between…stationery design is not only fun but helps add that special touch throughout your big day.

DJ AJ9: What was the most interesting or challenging custom design you’ve ever worked on?

Kate Moore: Every client I have is interesting and challenging in its own way. Ive never had 2 of the same client styles, if you can believe it! The challenging part is taking words, ideas, or themes that don’t seem to mesh and weaving them together in the most glorious ways. My job is the most fun kind of challenging. .

DSC_0016 copy

DJ AJ9: What are some of your favorite new trends (or tried-and-true classic themes) in stationery design?

Kate Moore: As far as branding goes, we typically stay away from anything too trendy because were wanting to create a brand that is tried and true and can stand the test of time before any kind of tweaking is necessary. For invitations, I just love how it is all so personal now. Gone are the days of picking your colors from a “book of choices”. Now everything is created totally custom and tailor made to your big day! Whatever your style, whatever your goal, we’ve got you covered. No boxed design here, folks!

DJ AJ9: What do you look for in a great DJ and what are your DJ pet peeves?

Kate Moore: ooh, I love it when they liven up the party and even get granny dancin! its important for them to feel out the room and take note of what gets each certain crowd moving. Also, staying up to date on the music and mixes and not the same ol’ music you heard at a wedding 10 years ago is important! 🙂 .




About Kate Moore and Kate Moore Creative:

Kate Moore is the owner of Kate Moore Creative, a Knoxville-based design studio that specializes in custom business branding and bespoke wedding stationery suites.

With 2 degrees in Graphic Design (because apparently one just wasn’t enough for this girl!), over 8 years experience, and a sincere love of people, Kate enjoys working one on one with her clients to brings their ideas and dreams to fruition.DSC_0027

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