Vendors We Adore: Maria Kovacevich of Elegant Events by Maria

Wedding and Event Planner Maria Kovacevich of Elegant Events by Maria

Something New Entertainment’s DJs Anna-Jeannine “AJ9” Herman and Justin Herman first became acquainted with Maria Kovacevich of Elegant Events by Maria through a mutual wedding reception event client (we were the disc jockeys and Maria was the wedding planner), and hit it off right from the beginning.  We’ve since had the opportunity to work another event with Maria, and we’re excited about working with her several times in the future!  Maria has an absolutely infectious positivity about her, and her organized cool under pressure attitude will be greatly appreciated in that moment of need!

Read on for more about Maria Kovacevich and Elegant Events by Maria!

Room Decor by Maria Kovacevich of Elegant Events by Maria and Table Design by Neil Leeson Floral

Something New Entertainment Disc Jockey Anna-Jeannine “AJ9” Herman: What first interested you in planning weddings?
Event Planner Maria Kovacevich of Elegant Events by Maria: I was at a friend’s wedding and in the back of the church when my girlfriend was about to walk down the aisle…nobody there to “direct” traffic and her mom was freaking out because the DJ just called with a question. I thought  I have planned birthday parties and black tie gala affairs….I planned my own wedding for a crowd just a little over 600+….I would LOVE to do this!  What a great job to work with brides and their families.

DJ AJ9: How long have you been planning weddings?
Maria: Just starting my 4th year!

A "King's Table" by Elegant Events by Maria

DJ AJ9: How would you describe your wedding planning style?
Maria: My personality is very “simplistic”…..but I like to think outside of the box when it’s comes to planning! Every Bride is different…so I like to bring some of my favorite ideas along and then give it a twist to meet the bride’s style!

DJ AJ9: What do you enjoy most about being a wedding planner?
Maria: I like to tell my brides and their families when we first meet…we are now like a “seed”….the “day of the wedding”…we become the flower!!! I LOVE to see all of our hard work in front of us and the bride teary-eyed because she loves the results!!! It’s a RUSH…when I fluff her dress right before she walks down the aisle….it’s like a feeling of “I did it”!!!

DJ AJ9: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring a planner for their wedding?
Maria: I think you should have that “feeling” that the relationship is going to work!!! I am told repeatedly after a first meeting …”..once we had the chance to talk with Maria, we felt like a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders”!

Menu and Place Setting by Elegant Events by Maria

DJ AJ9: How should a couple decide how much help they need?
Maria: You really don’t know at first because it’s the FIRST wedding you’ve ever planned. I typically start with talking about what all they would like to accomplish on their own. I then customize a package that meets the needs so that if they need me to go with them to a vendor meeting…I am happy to do so. Most of my packages start with a minimum of 4 face to face hours.

DJ AJ9: What’s the biggest misconception you think couples might have about wedding planners?
 That we are tooo expensive and they can’t afford hiring a planner!!! Sooooooo not true!!! I have packages that meet all needs.

DJ AJ9: What’s the biggest misconception you think other vendors might have about wedding planners?
Maria: Is that “the planners” want to run the show!!! Again, sooooo not true! I am working for the bride to make sure that her vision of the day happens! But I am also there to make the vendors jobs easier! We are ALL there to make her wedding day a working together, it makes it all the better and FUN!!!!

DJ AJ9: What are some ways that couples can prepare for their wedding day to help ensure a smoother, more memorable event?
Maria:  That’s easy…hire Maria with Elegant Events by Maria!!!!!!

Cake Table by Elegant Events by Maria

DJ AJ9: What’s your favorite “must-have” moment during the day?
Maria: Telling my bride right before she walks down the aisle how much I appreciated working with her to make her wedding day the BEST!!!

DJ AJ9: What do you look for in a great DJ and what are your DJ pet peeves?  How can your DJ “co-workers” help you, hurt you, or irritate you throughout the day?
Maria: A GREAT DJ can read a crowd and know if the party is alive…they know how to keep it “alive”…but a GREAT DJ also can read when the party might be dying tooo soon or noone is dancing.  They know what they need to do to get the crowd moving again! I LOVE it when the DJs get into the crowd and really get the crowd pumped!!! I can’t stand it when they just stand behind their equipment and do nothing!


About Elegant Events by Maria: Elegant Events provides an exceptional experience in event and wedding planning. Our team is committed to producing the most stylish and innovative special events. We are consistently on the look-out for the most inventive ideas and fresh perspectives, not only in products and design, but in event styling and execution, so your party will not only look different and special, but feel that way too.

We pride ourselves on offering each client an intelligent, thoughtful and customized approach to his or her event. No two events are alike and therefore the process by which each event is created should be unique. Our team is dedicated to working with you in the way that best suits your needs and the needs of your event.

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