What Does a DJ Really Do, Anyway?

© 2012 DJ AJ9, Something New Entertainment

What does a “DJ” really do, anyway? It’s true, they do PLAY MUSIC, but are you sure that’s all your celebration deserves?

Just consider this: a talented entertainer is much more than just a “disc jockey,” but an acoustical expert, live sound technician, electrician, board operator, roadie, engineer, sometimes an announcer, dancer, designer, comedian, actor, often a motivator, coordinator, facilitator, confidant, cheerleader, and advocate.
Don’t make a costly mistake; protect your investment!
Entrust your memories to a talented MASTER OF CEREMONIES.
© 2012 DJ AJ9, Something New Entertainment
Special thanks to Rebecca and Mark Ferrell of The MarBecca Method and to Peter Merry of The Professional Process, Make It Grand, and The Best Wedding Reception…Ever! for inspiring my artistic tirade.  I love you guys a whole big lot.
Thanks, also, to Ron Ruth of Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment for sharing my illustration and for adding his reflections, as well!  Check out his article here.
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