Your Name in Lights! Personalized Lighted Monogram Services with Steel Gobos, Glass Gobos, and Digital Projection.

As you may already know, Something New Entertainment is more than just a DJ, and we do much more than just play music.  We are always striving to find new and exciting ways to add value to our services to make your overall wedding experience even more magical, including tasteful Master of Ceremonies (MC) duties, dance floor and party lighting, multimedia presentations, and more.  I wrote to you last week about our latest addition and improvements for custom monogram projection and included some sample photographs of the different methods from other sources.  Today, I’m going to walk you through the pros and cons of each kind of lighted monogram projection and share some of our own photographs.

We had the opportunity to play around with our newest toys for our lighted monogram projection services during Giavonna’s Banquet Hall‘s March Bridal Tour this past Saturday in on Munroe Falls Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls!  We have three great projection methods to choose from, including glass gobos in monochrome or color, steel gobos, and digital projection.  Here’s a look at each of those projection methods and how they compare, as well as some photos to inspire you!  As always, design services for any method of projection are complimentary.  We’ll incorporate your wedding colors, theme, and even the fonts you used on your wedding stationary!


Steel gobos are small metal discs custom-cut to your design and used as a lens to direct the beam of light from a a high-powered theatrical lighting instrument.

Steel gobo projection on a dance floor

Steel gobo design

Steel gobo projection is the most common method of manipulating light patterns used in professional theatres and offers a very bright, crisp, highly legible projection image for short text phrases, such as your initials, names, or wedding date, as well as limited background designs.  Steel gobos are cut in a tabbed design, like a stencil and project a single color and tone of light, which can be selected from a nearly limitless number of colors of gels.  Couples using steel gobo projection will be offered their custom steel gobo as a unique keepsake!
Similarly, glass gobos are small discs used in conjunction with a high-powered theatrical lighting instrument, but glass gobos are made of layers of dichroic glass rather than steel.

Design for a one-color glass gobo

One-color glass gobo projection on a dance floor

Glass gobos provide the same crisp, bright, easy-to-read projection image, with greater design latitude to your image, and the ability to incorporate colors into your design — as much and as many as you like!

Two-color glass gobo design

Two-color glass gobo projection on a dance floor

Whereas steel gobos require a tabbed design and can cast only a single-color projection, glass gobos are available in monochrome or multi-colored designs, and offer an improvement above the more common steel gobos by allowing free-formed design not restricted by tabs.  Glass gobos are also more durable than steel gobos, so if you’re thinking of using the gobo, again, at an anniversary party in the future, etc., choose glass.  Brides and grooms using steel gobos using glass gobo projection will also be offered their custom glass gobo as a unique keepsake!


Like glass gobos, digital projection offers a nearly limitless amount of colors, but unlike either gobo projection method, digital projection does not require the costly production of a custom steel or glass disc and is inherently more inexpensive.

Digital projection on a dance floor

Digital projection design

Digital projection also offers the ability to scroll between multiple images, but it is not as high-powered as the traditional methods and some designs may be more difficult to read on darker surfaces.


After your first dance, you can choose to keep the projection on the dance floor, or, move it to the wall or ceiling!

Steel gobo projection on a wall

For more information about Something New Entertainment’s projection services, contact DJ AJ9 via e-mail or phone at 330-253-2900.


  1. Carissa brown

    we are looking for an alternative to a dance floor decal for our wedding. the wedding is june 4th 2011. we already have a dj that has his own lighting but i would like our names on the dance floor. please help! lol thank you very much. any help would be appreciated

  2. Cindy McMinn

    I want a very simple “monogam” on the dance floor. It would be a surprize for my son, who is serving in the Arrmy right now in Korea, and my soon to be daughter in law. I want to do this as a special touch to the reception if it wouldn’t cost too much. Please contact me with the cost. The wedding/reception is in Keller, TX , April7th, 2012.

  3. Kirsty harvie

    Hey their,

    I’m getting married on august the 1st at the quay In Musselburgh I was wondering if you had any availability to do the names in lights on the dance floor.

    Thanks in advance.

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